Rollin McCraty
Dr. Rollin McCraty

The FGNA 2020 Conference Committee is pleased to announce the Keynote Speaker: Rollin McCraty, PhD, lead researcher from the Heart Math Institute. Read his full biography and credentials here.

Heart Math has coined the phrase, “heart coherence and global coherence,” which is our ability to bond safely and lovingly with each other, according to Elinor Silverstein, 2020 Conference Committee Chair.

Intersection of Heart Math and the Feldenkrais Method®

The measurement of heart coherence measures vagal tone. Higher vagal tone directly correlates with better physical and mental health. For example, with vagal nerve stimulation, Alzheimer’s patients have shown measurable cognitive improvement.<> A 2014 NIH study showed that cancer patients with higher vagal tone had a better prognosis, regardless of the stage at diagnosis. 

The Feldenkrais Method directly affects vagal tone because our work helps people to self-regulate the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This self-regulation is useful for a wide range of human functioning, including trauma recovery.

JUST IMAGINE if we could learn how to measure heart coherence in our own students. The research study resulting from the data collected by Feldenkrais teachers worldwide would further document a scientific basis and benefits of the Feldenkrais Method; opening more doors for our continued growth, influence, and improved public perception and awareness of our work. 

Be sure to make your arrangements to attend this mind-and-heart-expanding event at the 2020 FGNA Conference: What can Feldenkrais® Do For You?