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Keep Playing!

In Art of Living, Healthy Aging, Musicians, Neuroplasticity, Performers, Recordings by MaryBeth Smith

Paralysis-Agitans – sounds like a great name for my new band. Paralysis agitans is the Latin name for Parkinson’s Disease and it vividly describes what happens to professional keyboard players like me: when you want to move, you can’t, and when you want to be still, you move involuntarily! I was diagnosed with this movement disorder six years ago, and …

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Finding A Voice

In Healthy Aging by MaryBeth Smith

As a classically-trained singing teacher and vocal coach, it has been my privilege to teach aspiring performers at all levels. I always think of developing the person first, believing that the voice inside will emerge. To me, voice is an almost sacred form of self-expression.  To help someone unleash that expression — or to find a self that has something …

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The Feldenkrais Method® and Parkinson’s Disease

In Healthy Aging, Posture & Balance, Walking by MaryBeth Smith

by Ernie Adams, GCFP For a person with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), the natural rhythm and flow of perception, feeling, and movement is disrupted. There is a disconnection between the intention to move and the ability to start or complete an action. Routine automatic behaviors, such as those involved in walking, speaking, breathing, swallowing, and facial expression, become difficult or unavailable. …

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Making Friends With the Floor

In Healthy Aging, Posture & Balance by MaryBeth Smith

by Beth Rubenstein Are you a Baby Boomer or Senior Citizen? Have you experienced balance issues, or perhaps even fallen? Are your children insisting that you get some help, because they are afraid you will fall again? Have you already tried other programs or workshops at your local gym or senior center? The Feldenkrais Method® offers a  pleasurable way for …