28 04, 2024

More Sleep, Less Pain – By Hannah Vo-Dinh

2024-04-28T09:29:58-04:00April 28, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Chronic Pain, Habits, Neuroplasticity, News, Stress|

Pain can degrade our quality of life in many ways.  For example, it can undermine our capacity for pleasure, interfere with our relationships, and make it difficult to work.  More insidiously, it can decrease the quantity and compromise the quality of our sleep, creating a vicious cycle. This is because [...]

11 12, 2023

A Feldenkrais approach to an MD’s back pain creates a startup making active chairs – By Uwe Mester

2023-12-11T05:49:20-05:00December 11, 2023|Back, Chronic Pain, News, The Back|

In 2011 Dr. Turner Osler, a retired trauma surgeon and research epidemiologist, began taking Awareness through Movement (ATM) group lessons and private Functional Integration (FI) lessons with me. He wanted to know if the Feldenkrais Method could help address his lower back pain. After a few ATMs and FIs, he [...]

11 12, 2023

The Feldenkrais Method and Its Role in Back (Front, Side, Top and Bottom) Health – By Mark Erickson

2023-12-11T05:17:37-05:00December 11, 2023|Back, Chronic Pain, News, The Back|

Three and a-half decades ago I was a young physical therapist trying to help people improve their functional abilities. The number one reason people came to see me was back pain. Some were helped with the physical therapy interventions I was taught to apply, but many weren’t. A colleague recommended [...]

2 03, 2022

A gentler way to relieve chronic pain

2022-03-02T21:07:38-05:00March 2, 2022|Chronic Pain|

By Margot Schaal, GCFP   Do you ever wonder why the same Awareness Through Movement® lesson helps people with myriad difficulties? We individually process the movements and discover the easiest or most optimal route for our own system to proceed. People come to this work with chronic pain in so [...]

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