4 05, 2022

Walking With my Self-Image 

2022-05-04T22:45:41-04:00May 4, 2022|Recovery, Walking|

By Carolyn Palmer, GCFPCM, Ph.D. One day I could walk without much thought.  Then one day I couldn’t, even with thought. It started with what felt like a pulled muscle in my back. Tense over my dog’s emergency surgery, I attributed the pain to those very anxious few days. But [...]

4 12, 2020

Healing Well: On Surgery and Recovery with the Feldenkrais Method®

2020-12-05T10:28:49-05:00December 4, 2020|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Featured, Neuroplasticity, Recovery|

By Vicki Robinson Featured photo by Hasmik-ghazaryan-olson on Unsplash We’re designed to heal; it’s how our system works. The majority of people heal well from surgeries, and are able to move forward in their lives. There are also times when a past severe injury or surgery experience can continue to [...]

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