Are you an instrumentalist? Are you a singer, dancer, or performing artist? All three?

As an instrumentalist:

Are you interested in improving your hand-eye coordination while playing? Are you longing for a deeper connection between your self and your instrument? Are you recovering from a repetitive strain injury?

As a singer:

Are you looking for more vocal freedom to express, in words and melody, what you feel inside? Has your “technique” only gotten you so far, and now you are looking for more?

As a dancer:

Are you looking for ways to find more subtlety and grace in your movements? Are you finding yourself in pain and experiencing frequent injuries? Are you looking for more freedom, coordination, and more of yourself in your dancing?

As an actor:

Are you looking to connect more deeply to the inner world of your impulses, emotions, and thoughts? Are you looking to inhabit new movements as part of developing a character? Are your habits getting in the way?

The Feldenkrais Method® is many things. Above all, it is a method for learning how to learn. Practicing the Feldenkrais Method immerses you, through movement, in deep and personal explorations that are at once question and answer, doing and not doing, specific and totally open. As an artist, this probably sounds familiar, because it mirrors the creative process itself. It also mirrors the process of development that we all must go through to raise our craft to the level of art.

For performing artists, the Feldenkrais Method:

  • will bring you the kind of intimate connection to yourself that all artists are looking for
  • will bring you a self-awareness practice that will transform the way you think about warming up and preparing for performance
  • will bring you more comfort, ease, and mastery in both your daily and artistic life
  • will bring you a smart, creative, and fun way to figure out any artistic problem that you might face!

If you haven’t already, find a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® class near you. Work privately with a local practitioner.

Because the Feldenkrais Method works in the background of experience through movement, ANY lesson, even if not explicitly related to singing, acting, dancing, or playing an instrument, will bring something new and useful to your craft. But, there are also practitioners who are changing the way we think about learning, practicing, and performing from within the field itself.

Let the days of endless and mindless repetition, of learning by imitation and dogma, of relying on one skill to compensate for another be over. . . It’s time to learn and develop from within, and you can find your own way with the use of the Feldenkrais Method!


Singing: Remarkable, Rewarding, Reflective – Karen R. Clark


As a violinist, the work has not only sped my recovery from injury, but greatly enhanced my sense of physical integrity, ease and grace — even with an activity as “unnatural” as playing the violin!

Ingrid Matthews, performs on Baroque and classical violin and is the Music Director of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra