10 08, 2020

The Power Of Play

2020-09-30T21:55:55-04:00August 10, 2020|Art of Living, Athletes, News|

Shari Lee, MS, GCFP We played to learn. We learned through play; not only how to have fun, but to develop our sense of self, our relationship to others and the world around us. Playfulness stimulated our sense of curiosity, our development of strategies to access what caught our attention [...]

5 03, 2020

Elegance: A Result of Ease, Not Just Skill

2021-07-20T18:10:44-04:00March 5, 2020|Athletes, Featured, News|

by Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, GCFP Photo by Daphne on Unsplash A partnership based on control and intimidation is no partnership at all. It is an abuse of authority. The horse-and-rider relationship at its best looks light, free and effortless. This stems from the communication that flows between them. The perfect [...]

5 03, 2020

Are You on LOCKDOWN?

2020-03-23T19:56:29-04:00March 5, 2020|Athletes, Featured, Martial Arts, News|

by Russ Mitchell, Authorized Awareness Through Movement® Teacher Photo by Shane Avery on Unsplash Got stiff legs that feel like they’re in prison, no matter how much you stretch? That was me in high school. I was a Navy Brat and moved a lot, and when we lived in Rhode Island I worked [...]

5 03, 2020

A New Definition of Strength

2021-07-20T18:11:56-04:00March 5, 2020|Athletes, Featured, News|

An interview with Feldenkrais® Trainer Jeff Haller by Gabrielle Pullen Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash SA: Jeff, how did you first encounter the Feldenkrais Method? JH: In 1972, Moshe did a tour up the west coast. When he taught in Portland, Oregon, my speech professor, a guy named Sam [...]

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