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Why Grow Young with your Dog?

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By Mary Debono Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash The white poodle didn’t seem to have much going for her. At 15 years of age, her vision and hearing were dim. This sweet dog, whose name was Buttons, also had extensive arthritis in her neck and back. But those limitations took a back seat to the most troubling concern. Ten …

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The Power Of Play

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Shari Lee, MS, GCFP We played to learn. We learned through play; not only how to have fun, but to develop our sense of self, our relationship to others and the world around us. Playfulness stimulated our sense of curiosity, our development of strategies to access what caught our attention and interest.  It cultivated a sense of value within us …

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Exploring Memories Through Movement: A Dialogue

In Creativity, Featured, News by Mary Rudd

Kate Conroy, MA, GCFP, and Marty Correia, MFA KATE: Ten years ago Marty’s was the first head I rolled. As a dedicated spouse she was my first volunteer outside of my training cohort. Marty’s absorption of the work and her feedback was profound and encouraging to me.  MARTY:  At first, Kate’s Feldenkrais® sessions seemed too slow and incremental for my …

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Attitudes and Values

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by Candy Conino Black Lives Matter. How do we respond to this urgency? What actions can we take to deal with the fact that FGNA has few members of color and the clientele of our members is equally homogenous?  As Feldenkrais® practitioners, we’ve learned and we teach a process of sensing, feeling and exploring our way toward efficient and potent …

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A Message to Our Community

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We stand in solidarity with those who oppose the systemic perpetration of violence and oppression against people of color in the United States throughout its history.  We also embrace and acknowledge the full potential and humanity of individuals regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical appearance, disability, or sexual orientation. We recognize that we have …

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An Embodied Vision of PRIDE

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by Frederick Schjang, GCFP June is LGBTQ Pride Month.  For the past several years, I have taught Feldenkrais® classes and special programs to LGBTQ elders at a center where most of the other fitness and wellness classes had failed for lack of participation. I think I know one reason why the Feldenkrais classes have become one of the most popular …

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Expand Your Horizon for Creative Vision

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by Tiffany Sankary, GCFP “With paying attention, learning, doing, we improve and enlarge our horizons.” – Moshe Feldenkrais What’s the relationship between our physical vision and our creative vision? What’s the relationship between the quality of our movement and the quality of our imagination?  When you feel tight, stuck, blocked, frozen, chaotic, confused, Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® can help bring …

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Remembering David Webber

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(Adapted from article originally published on David Webber, a literal “visionary” in the Feldenkrais® community, died on April 16, 2018. David became internationally known in the last decade of his life for his Seeing Clearly work, in which he integrated the Feldenkrais Method® with Buddhist practices, the Bates Method, and other approaches to healing the eyes and living with awareness. …

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On Human Dignity

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The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education teaches its values of awareness, self-development through learning, and the fulfillment of human potential. As we reflect on current events, the effects of systemic racism and the myriad ways in which people of color are deprived of their lives, livelihoods, and opportunities, we must recommit and re-embody the ideals of our method. The empathy …

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Feldenkrais Lessons for Pandemic Pastimes

In Art of Living, Featured, News, Recovery, Stress by MaryBeth Smith

by MaryBeth Smith, GCFP Is it just me, or are you also mildly annoyed with the steady stream of social media posts about people who have done amazing things with their spare time during coronavirus lockdown? For example, a woman in India has transformed her apartment balcony into a producing organic farm. I’ve seen so many pictures of perfectly formed …