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Emotional Stress and Body Organization

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by Ralph Strauch, Ph.D. GCFP This article is republished by permission from the Achieving Excellence blog. Feeling states and body organization are closely intertwined. Your body amplifies your emotions in the same way your stereo amplifier amplifies music. When an emotion arises you subconsciously organize your body to amplify that emotion, and what you actually “feel” is the changed organization. …

How do WE Deal With Holiday Stress?

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The holidays are stressful for many of our clients. They take time to attend our classes despite over-packed schedules, overspent budgets; the demands of travel, decorating, and house guests; awkward conversations around the dinner table, and SO. MUCH. FESTIVITY. Sometimes we might imagine a subtle expectation to show that we “have it all together,” since we tout the benefits of …

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Loosening the Grip of Stress: How Heeding My Body’s Signals Provided Sweet Relief

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by Jennifer Nash Ostermann One of Moshe’s most beloved and frequently quoted sayings is: “Know what you are doing so that you can do what you want.” What is it that we are we doing when we are under stress? We can easily recognize some indicators of stress: increased irritability and raised voices, compulsive eating or drinking, escape into “screen …

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Does the Feldenkrais Method Help With Grief?

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by Angela Alston, GCFP I was asked a few days ago, “Is Feldenkrais helping you grieve?” It’s not a trivial question. My first answer was, “I don’t know.” Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tease out what is Feldenkrais, what is meditation, and what is coming from other influences in my life. I’ve practiced both meditation and the Feldenkrais®  Method …