Enjoy A Free Sample Lesson From Some of Our Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners

If you’ve never experienced a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, we are pleased to offer you a few samples. You will see that there are some lessons that are audio only and a few lessons that offer video demonstration.

Traditionally, Feldenkrais teachers don’t demonstrate movements. This allows each person to find their own way of moving based on their own abilities and understanding. However, lessons were traditionally taught in a room full of people, so there were always opportunities to get a reference point if you wanted to. And the teacher was always watching you to guide you verbally. As we’ve moved into an online world of recordings, we want to honor the Feldenkrais principles of making movement feel safe and comfortable. So the videos are provided not so that you will imitate the teacher, but so you have a reference point.

We encourage you to trust your movement intelligence and don’t feel you have to rely on the video. You can even do many lessons with your eyes closed! Then check out the audio only lessons, and allow yourself to enjoy the process of self-discovery and improvement. We will periodically rotate the lessons on this page, so check back and follow your curiosity. 


Cynthia Allen shares how understanding your pelvic bowl can be a great back exercise.



Join Jodie Krantz for a delightful shoulder exploration.



Sample Audio Lessons

Courtesy of the Feldenkrais Project created by Nick Strauss-Klein.
View the lesson notes and listener discussions at The Feldenkrais Project, which freely offers 50 Feldenkrais lessons.

Dynamic Sitting and Chair Clock (24 minutes)

Find more comfort and discover better options for moving and supporting yourself while chair-seated. 

Spinal Support and a Powerful Pelvis (35 minutes)

This back-lying lesson can help you improve the comfort and function of your hip joints, pelvis, back, chest, shoulders, and neck.