8 01, 2024

Embodied Meditation and Feldenkrais Method – An Article By Russel Delman

2024-01-08T09:39:11-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

Two of the greatest gifts in my life have been my meditation practice of more than 50 years and the transformative learning with Moshe Feldenkrais that began in 1975. It would be difficult to exaggerate my gratitude for these gifts. They have worked together, always congruently, yet in similar and [...]

8 01, 2024

Meditation Is The Act Of Self Discovery – An Article By Nicolette De Saint Amour 

2024-01-08T09:56:43-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

At the basis of most human dilemmas is the struggle for time. We experience stress or distress, because we are not doing things in our own time, therefore it is hard for us to be present. This constant struggle for time and presence in a fast paced, ever changing world [...]

8 01, 2024

Embodied Presence: How Feldenkrais® brought me into Meditation – An Article By Sandrine Harris

2024-01-08T09:08:14-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

Walking around Queens (NYC) early one Sunday morning, with a large coffee and tears running down my cheeks, I felt confused and overwhelmed by life. I was a young performing artist living and working in the city that never sleeps and, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was dealing [...]

8 06, 2023

Listening as Sensing: How Awareness Through Movement® Is Different from Exercise – By Sheri Cohen

2023-09-17T11:30:05-04:00June 8, 2023|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, News|

Listen, let’s make an important distinction Many kinds of movement training distinguish themselves by the kinds of exercises that constitute their programs. One might focus on strength, another on flexibility; yet another might claim to improve both. Teachers of Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement have a different view altogether. We teach [...]

4 12, 2020

Healing Well: On Surgery and Recovery with the Feldenkrais Method®

2020-12-05T10:28:49-05:00December 4, 2020|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Featured, Neuroplasticity, Recovery|

By Vicki Robinson Featured photo by Hasmik-ghazaryan-olson on Unsplash We’re designed to heal; it’s how our system works. The majority of people heal well from surgeries, and are able to move forward in their lives. There are also times when a past severe injury or surgery experience can continue to [...]

5 11, 2020

Balancing Act

2020-11-11T08:02:14-05:00November 5, 2020|Art of Living, Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Featured, Flexibility, Healthy Aging, News, Posture & Balance|

Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash By Dorothy Henning, GCFP, Havening Techniques® Practitioner As the lights dim darkening the circus tent, our chatter descends into a hush. The spotlights bolt on, illuminating the center ring where our eyes dash, riveted to the image of a plumber crouched under a sink. [...]

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