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Thought for Food

In Art of Living, Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Featured, News by Lavinia Plonka

Excerpted and adapted from Lavinia Plonka’s book: Playing in the Kitchen          It’s 3:57AM.  I shuffle toward the bathroom in the dark trying to stay half asleep so that my return to the covers will immediately return me to dreamland.  I know I have to go to the bathroom when I start dreaming about toilets in the middle of people’s …

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Conversations with Myselves

In Art of Living, Featured by MaryBeth Smith

by Lavinia Plonka, GCFP This article originally appeared on the Creative Body Blog. “Of all the things in life I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” Mark Twain “I don’t mind the voices in my head. I just wish they’d reach consensus.” Asheville Bumper Sticker I stand alone in the kitchen carrying on a lively conversation with myself.  “Hmmm, …

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To Begin Again

In Art of Living, Featured, News, Recordings by MaryBeth Smith

by MaryBeth Smith, GCFP The year is new, still shiny, no dents in it, fresh off the showroom floor, with that New Year smell. I was chatting with a friend the other day around the idea of resolutions and planning the year, figuring out how each of us would move forward on projects and intentions. My friend briefly shared the …

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Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education Guides Successful Political Campaign

In Art of Living, Featured by MaryBeth Smith

An interview with Linda Flanders, GCFP Moshe Feldenkrais imagined that his students would take his method into every walk of life, and every corner of the public sphere. He expected that the Feldenkrais Method® would evolve and adapt, even saying “You will write my work in your own handwriting.” A Midwestern Feldenkrais® teacher has done just that, on the campaign …

A Mindful Approach to Teaching Online

In Art of Living, Members by MaryBeth Smith

One of the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education is its ability to improve so many aspects of people’s lives – even a meditation practice. At a time when more and more people are turning inward, the Feldenkrais Method can offer a “way in” for those who find stillness too daunting. In Touch recently sat down with Fariya …

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Does the Feldenkrais Method Help With Grief?

In Art of Living, News, Recovery, Stress by MaryBeth Smith

by Angela Alston, GCFP I was asked a few days ago, “Is Feldenkrais helping you grieve?” It’s not a trivial question. My first answer was, “I don’t know.” Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tease out what is Feldenkrais, what is meditation, and what is coming from other influences in my life. I’ve practiced both meditation and the Feldenkrais®  Method …

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Keep Playing!

In Art of Living, Healthy Aging, Musicians, Neuroplasticity, News, Performers, Recordings by MaryBeth Smith

by Annette Weiss Paralysis-Agitans – sounds like a great name for my new band. Paralysis agitans is the Latin name for Parkinson’s Disease and it vividly describes what happens to professional keyboard players like me: when you want to move, you can’t, and when you want to be still, you move involuntarily! I was diagnosed with this movement disorder six …

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On Being Human

In Art of Living, News by Ira Feinstein

by Margot Schaal, GCFP Lately, I have taken to reading young adult novels while commuting– books about being human, and about be-coming. These books ask questions, as practitioners often do during a Feldenkrais® lesson. They speak to problems; some are proverbs, or humorous. They describe characters with myriad behaviors, many with complex personalities, neither entirely kind nor all cruel. How youth are …