7 04, 2022

Digging The Dirt

2022-04-07T16:24:08-04:00April 7, 2022|Art of Living, Gardening|

By Lavinia Plonka, GCFP CM   I did it again. You’d think at my age, after gardening for most of my adult life, as an experienced Feldenkrais® practitioner, I’d know better. But the lure of the dirt is not based on logic. Its siren call seduces me to claw, dig, pitch, [...]

7 04, 2022

The Gardening Habit

2022-04-08T14:33:23-04:00April 7, 2022|Art of Living, Gardening|

By Margot Schaal, GCFP CM The gardening habit is a healthy one: tending the soil, cultivating patience, nurturing seedlings as they appear and plants as they develop stems, leaves, flowers and seeds, and acknowledging their decay. We are inspired  to keep coming back to the garden each year, to care [...]

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