What can Feldenkrais® do for YOU?

Feldenkrais Annual Conference Online

September 11,12 and 13thRegistration is open now

This year’s conference is particularly geared towards you, our students and the broader public to further experience the power and scope of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education. With ten workshops open to you, you’ll have abundant ways to learn how Feldenkrais can enhance your life. All workshops will be recorded and available for download after the conference. The recordings are included in your registration fee and will help you build your practice library. This way, if you have schedule conflicts, or life gets lifey that weekend, you won’t miss out!

Each day you’ll have the opportunity to experience Awareness Through Movement lessons, also included in your registration. The workshop presenters are all highly skilled and eager to share what they’ve developed on their professional path. Review the full conference schedule and presenter information so you can plan your weekend.

You’ll want to be sure to attend Friday’s Keynote Address with speaker, Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Heartmath Institute. He’ll be talking about Movement and Heart Coherence – how can movement, especially movement with attention affect the heart? You can learn more about Hearthmath here.

We have a dream to make Feldenkrais a household word. We need your help. Since this year’s conference is presented virtually, it’s more available to folks around the world. If you know someone who would also enjoy this weekend event, please forward this information to them. You can share a socially distant workshop together. Catch up during the breaks or after the day’s events(which end by 2pm PT), compare notes and support each other’s learning by discussing how the session effected your well-being.

Register here!

I look forward to sharing this event with you,