Workshop Presenters

Presenter Bio
Dr. Rollin McCraty
Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. is Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath. Research interests include the physiology of emotion, intuition and optimal functioning. His work focuses on the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, and health as well as the global interconnectivity between people and the earth’s energetic systems.

Donna Ray
Donna Ray, LMFT, Feldenkrais® Trainer is internationally known and has maintained a private practice for 40 years. Her students especially appreciate her warm presence, sensitivity and interdisciplinary competences. Her background as a Psychotherapist, Interpersonal Neurobiology presenter, and Hypnotherapist influence her teaching. Donna is able to make complex ideas comprehensible. Her practice includes infants to the elderly, the highest-level athletes, musicians, and actors as well as people recovering from accidents, illness, anxiety, depression and neurological difficulties. Donna loves seeing people learn healthy ways of living that can transform their lives.
Moti Nativ
Mordehai (Moti) Nativ, a retired Colonel from the Israeli Defense Force, is a certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and a Shihan in the Bujinkan school of Budo Taijutsu. He holds a black belt in Judo and is a certified Krav Maga instructor. He served four years as the president of the Israeli Feldenkrais® Guild.
Jeff Haller
Jeff Haller has been a trainer since 1993 and has presented at many conferences with themes relevant to empowering practitioners in their ability to work effectively with their clientele.
Karen Donelson
I have been inspired and humbled during my 35 years of daily work and study as a Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais® Practitioner. Each day, I am entrusted by my students in their efforts to find solutions to their movement
Kate Conroy

Marty Correia
Kate Conroy, MA, GCFP (she/they) Kate Conroy is a NYC-based Feldenkrais® practitioner (FGNA) and multi-disciplinary artist with a Masters degree from Tisch School of the Arts. She has contributed articles to FGNA’s In Touch newsletter. In her practice, Conroy focuses on the health and well-being of post-menopausal women and organizes for LGBT+ causes. and

Marty Correia, MFA (she/her) Marty Correia’s work has appeared in The Mailer Review, Omnibus, Cagibi, POST and other literary journals. A graduate of NYU’s creative writing MFA program, she works as a memoir coach and manuscript adviser. Marty recently finished a novel and is working on the genderqueer memoir, Nobody Here Knows Me.
Shari Lee
Shari has made her life’s work about helping others live life more fully by developing their health, well being, physical capabilities and confidence to participate in an active lifestyle and play wholeheartedly throughout their lifetime. Shari’s ski and windsurfing teaching careers led her to Feldenkrais to recover from injuries. Feldenkrais, in turn, led her to teaching and guiding sea kayaking, hiking and paddle sports on remote rivers, fjords, mountains and glaciers in Alaska’s and Norway’s wildernesses, and ultimately to creating and leading Movement Options Feldenkrais Retreats and Eco-Adventures throughout the world.
Ralph Strauch
Ralph Strauch, Ph.D. studied with Moshe in Amherst and has worked as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1983. He was formerly a Senior Mathematician with the Rand Corporation, where his research focused on understanding complex human and organizational behavior. He is the author of “The Reality Illusion: How you make the world you experience”
Lindy Ost
Lindy has been integrating the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education into her physical therapy practice for 30 years. She began her career working in acute care at large teaching hospitals in the Denver metro area, gaining experience with surgical post-op care, orthopedics, neurological rehabilitation, pediatrics and home health services. She has developed her practice to integrate sensory-motor relearning to assist her clients in recovering and restoring function. She values “listening” and asking questions as a guide to deepening one’s ability to go further into the patterns of thought, feeling, sensing and moving.
Elizabeth Beringer
Elizabeth Beringer first studied with Moshe Feldenkrais when she was 19 and has been involved in one way or another with the Feldenkrais Method® her entire life. In this workshop she will also draw on her decades long practice of Aikido.
Becky Behling
Becky Behling, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and a certified personal trainer in Austin, TX. She has taught group exercise classes since 1987, most recently at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Becky has developed and presented continuing education workshops on wellness and exercise for fitness professionals and for the public. She taught musculoskeletal anatomy to massage therapy students pursuing LMT certification. She has a BA in physical education, MS in athletic training, and 42 PhD hours in kinesiology/health and human performance.
Jane Johnston
Jane Johnston, GCFP, is interested in helping her students achieve their optimum level of functioning and comfort and specializes in working with those in a pre/post-rehab situation, older adults and those with special needs. Feldenkrais principles guide and influence her individual work and her water, fitness, yoga and Taijiquan classes. She does both individual sessions and group classes on land and in the water and is one of a very few practitioners worldwide to take Feldenkrais to the water. Jane is also a Certified Yoga instructor, a Certified Tai Chi Instructor and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
Carol Lessinger
What the Feldenkrais Method® can do for you is to help you be a creative and innovative person. Carol has dedicated her work to foster the best creative spirit in her students while staying true to the Feldenkrais Method. She creates new lessons that enrich the already magnificent body of our work.
Nancy Haller
Nancy Haller, GCFP and Assistant Trainer, focuses her work to bring awareness to posture, balance and movement. There is a relationship between pain and how we functionally use ourselves. Personal responsibility and commitment to change present patterns helps to improve flexibility and mobility in daily life. When the body is happy, our brain is able to think a new thought.
Mary Debono
Mary Debono helps animals and their people overcome challenges and enjoy lifelong mobility and vitality. An international teacher with over 25 years of experience, she’s the author of the Amazon #1 best seller, Grow Young with Your Dog, which won the 2015 San Diego Book Award for Best Health book.
Stacy Barrows
Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and certified PMA Pilates as well as a Feldenkrais® teacher. Stacy has invented tools for self-care and authored a book on their use. She is the owner of Smart Somatic Solutions and is passionate to empower people to learn to move to improve.
Deidre Sklar
Deidre Sklar (PhD, GCFP), dance ethnologist and performance scholar, is the author of Dancing with the Virgin: Body and Faith in the Fiesta of Tortugas, NM. The recipient of CORD’s 2014 award for Outstanding Scholarly Research in Dance, her background in movement, research, teaching and performance enhances her Feldenkrais® practice.
Lavinia Plonka
Lavinia Plonka is an Assistant Trainer and has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® for over 25 years. Her bestselling books, audio programs and workshops have transformed thousands of lives. She is director of Asheville Movement Center in NC and a faculty member of The Shift Network.

ATM Teachers

Presenter Bio
Deborah Bowes
Deborah Bowes DPT has been teaching Feldenkrais to the public since 1987 in San Francisco. She has been Feldenkrais Trainer for over 20 years, teaching and learning in many trainings around the world, and online.
Chrish Kresge
Chrish is passionate about using her diverse skills and background to help people discover their innate sense of personal power, dignity and optimal health. She has been teaching Feldenkrais for 22 years in the U.S., Ghana, Morocco, France, and Nepal.
Elinor Silverstein
Elinor Silverstein, GCFP, holds degrees in Biology and Zoology. She integrates the sciences of nutrition and movement biology into her teaching of the Vagus Nerve System Health and Gut-Brain Connection courses. Elinor has over 37 years of experience assisting people with their healing process as they deal with serious nervous system disorders. She teaches her programs to medical professionals, Feldenkrais practitioners, and the general public throughout the world, while maintaining a private practice in Orange County, California.
Arlyn Zones
Arlyn Zones, MA (theatre arts) is a graduate of the Amherst Feldenkrais Training and has been involved in all aspects of teaching the Method as an Educational Director, Trainer, and practitioner. In her practice she works with infants, children and adults.
Donna Blank
Donna is a Feldenkrais practitioner/trainer, Wholebody Focusing trainer, Laban Analyst, and qigong student. She explores the intersections of all these disciplines, finding their connections and differentiations. A member of the Legacy group, she is passionate about supporting listening conversations, Professional Dialogue, that can vitalize and support our community and future.
Julie Peck
Julie Peck is the Educational Director of the upcoming Kelowna Feldenkrais Practitioner Training and the co-author of the recently published “Moving From the Inside Out”. She finds her private practice, being an Educational Director of numerous trainings, teaching in both trainings and advanced trainings, and sharing her experiences with colleagues, students and clients has allowed her personal learning journey to continue alongside theirs. Her particular joy is in finding ways to allow others to develop the ‘passion’ to direct their learning to find their ‘signature’ in bringing this work to others. Moving from the Inside Out