You will find three main types of articles on the research webpages linked from the Feldenkrais research  page. . Each has different types of evidence and support for its conclusions.  These three are a primary research study, a case study and an essay. In addition there is a systematic review

The primary research study typically has some or all of these features.

  • Multiple subjects or people who are measured
  • An activity that people do over a period of time. (3 Awareness Through Movement lessons per week for 6 weeks)
  • Measurements- data taken before and after the  people do the activity
    • These measurements may be quantitative, ( such as the time to get up) or qualitative ( did it feel easier to get up)
  • A control group that does not do the activity or does a different one. One group did Awareness Through Movement lessons another did Pilates)
    • The same measurements are taken before and after.
  • Numerical or statistical analysis of the data.
  • A summary and a conclusion.
  • Sometimes appears in peer reviewed journal.

A case study follows one person over a period of time. The interventions or actively is described and the results for that one person are described.

An essay is one person’s opinion or conclusions about a topic. Some cite studies or individual experience for their point of view.

A systemic review usually looks at the results of a several primary research studies to come to broader conclusion than any one study could do.

How to read a primary research study.

Abstract- “read all about it”. In about 300 words or less, the major aspects of the entire paper

Introduction- issue background and study rationale (why it matters)

Methods- Study design and data collection process

Data Analysis- crunching the numbers, identifying themes or correlations (just the facts)

Results Discussion- interpretations; findings produced by analysis of the data

Conclusion – What was learned

References- cited or related publications; treasure!