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3 02, 2022

What is Vision? What is Seeing?

2022-02-03T10:37:04-05:00February 3, 2022|Vision|

By Al Wadleigh, GCFP CM   My wife, Sarah, and I are out for a Sunday drive. Our two dogs, Fred and Pliny, are in the back seat, napping away. I suddenly swerve to the left! I somehow realized the car next to me was drifting into my lane!    [...]

3 02, 2022

Unfocusing Your Gaze

2022-02-03T22:08:08-05:00February 3, 2022|Vision|

By Erin Finkelstein, M.M., GCFP CM “Come into my eyes, and look at me through them, for I have chosen a home far beyond what eyes can see.” - Rumi* What is your relationship with your eyes like, away from your computer or smartphone? Most of us take our eyes for [...]

19 01, 2022

Who Am I?

2022-01-19T22:20:00-05:00January 19, 2022|News|

By Margot Schaal, GCFPCM and Assistant Trainer   Ultimately, how we treat ourselves says everything about what our self-image is. Am I as kind to myself as I am to my neighbor, or a stranger on the street, to my clients or even my grand/child?    A client who showed [...]

5 01, 2022

On Self-Image

2022-01-06T18:44:08-05:00January 5, 2022|Art of Living|

By Fariya Doctor, FCFP CM   I would not describe myself as a great reader, like those people who devour books on a daily basis. I would say I am a slow, plodding, poorly educated reader that occasionally stumbles upon a “keeper”. Well I stumbled. As I was doing some [...]

5 01, 2022

Who am I?

2022-01-06T18:39:36-05:00January 5, 2022|News|

By Cynthia Allen, GCFP CM   How do you think of yourself? Perhaps you assign labels such as beautiful, average, heavy, thin, healthy, active, smart or uncoordinated. Perhaps you think of yourself as having value in the world…or not.   We talk a lot about self-image in the Feldenkrais Method [...]

2 12, 2021

An Innocent Joint

2021-12-03T09:26:11-05:00December 2, 2021|Habits, Healthy Aging, Knees|

An Interview with Elizabeth Beringer, Feldenkrais® Trainer, GCFP   For November 2021 SenseAbility on Knee Health Interviewed by Yulia Kriskovets   Elizabeth Beringer is a well known trainer and practitioner who created one of the first audio series on knee health following her own knee injury recovery. Her recording of [...]

3 11, 2021

Happiness and Wellbeing

2021-11-03T21:26:42-04:00November 3, 2021|Art of Living, Habits|

By Amona Buechler, GCFP CM “Owing to the close proximity to the motor cortex of the brain structures dealing with thought and feeling, and the tendency of processes in the brain tissue to diffuse and spread to neighboring tissues, a drastic change in the motor cortex will have parallel effects on [...]

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