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3 07, 2024

Understanding and Identifying Breathing Challenges – By Fariya Doctor, GCFP

2024-07-03T10:30:20-04:00July 3, 2024|Breathing, Habits, Introduction, Neuroplasticity, News, Recovery, Stress|

By Fariya Doctor, GCFP It was The Feldenkrais Method that helped me discover that there wasn't just one way to breathe. However, I still struggled with understanding and identifying why I was having so much trouble with breathing. After studying the science of breath and becoming a Buteyko Instructor all [...]

27 05, 2024

Why I walk backwards and you should, too… – By Andrew Gibbons

2024-05-27T15:35:29-04:00May 27, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Flexibility, Healthy Aging, Knees, News, Walking|

Old Joke: Why was Ginger Rogers more talented than Fred Estaire? Because Ginger had to do everything Fred did, only backwards and in heels. As a resident of New York City for over 30 years, I walked a lot of miles as a commuter. Over uneven sidewalks and landscaped paths [...]

23 05, 2024

Contrast Mirroring Feldenkrais Method vs Conventional Practice – By Tim Sobie

2024-05-23T12:32:01-04:00May 23, 2024|Members|

Contrast Mirroring Feldenkrais Method vs Conventional Practice: Navigating Cycles of Action & Reflection to Find Your Own Direction  by Tim Sobie, PT, Ph.D., Feldenkrais Practitioner   All in all, our Feldenkrais Method can be experienced and delivered by engaging in an immersive and continuous study of contrasts. From the very [...]

28 04, 2024

Take Charge of Your Sleep Cycle – By Rob Black

2024-04-28T10:56:24-04:00April 28, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Habits, News, Stress|

Are you experiencing difficulties with your sleep? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to return to sleep? Perhaps you're having trouble falling asleep initially, or you find it challenging to wake up in the morning? Before diving into a plethora of techniques, [...]

28 04, 2024

More Sleep, Less Pain – By Hannah Vo-Dinh

2024-04-28T09:29:58-04:00April 28, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Chronic Pain, Habits, Neuroplasticity, News, Stress|

Pain can degrade our quality of life in many ways.  For example, it can undermine our capacity for pleasure, interfere with our relationships, and make it difficult to work.  More insidiously, it can decrease the quantity and compromise the quality of our sleep, creating a vicious cycle. This is because [...]

4 03, 2024

Everything in Approximations – By Alan Questel

2024-03-04T14:22:20-05:00March 4, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

Self-love is probably one of the most important aspects of a healthy self-image. Like many things…it’s easier said than done. Years ago, I participated in a week-long residential workshop called the Hoffman Process. One of the underlying tenets was about loving yourself. Another aspect of the workshop was no one [...]

8 01, 2024

Embodied Meditation and Feldenkrais Method – An Article By Russel Delman

2024-01-08T09:39:11-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

Two of the greatest gifts in my life have been my meditation practice of more than 50 years and the transformative learning with Moshe Feldenkrais that began in 1975. It would be difficult to exaggerate my gratitude for these gifts. They have worked together, always congruently, yet in similar and [...]

8 01, 2024

Meditation Is The Act Of Self Discovery – An Article By Nicolette De Saint Amour 

2024-01-08T09:56:43-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

At the basis of most human dilemmas is the struggle for time. We experience stress or distress, because we are not doing things in our own time, therefore it is hard for us to be present. This constant struggle for time and presence in a fast paced, ever changing world [...]

8 01, 2024

Embodied Presence: How Feldenkrais® brought me into Meditation – An Article By Sandrine Harris

2024-01-08T09:08:14-05:00January 8, 2024|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Breathing, Meditation, News|

Walking around Queens (NYC) early one Sunday morning, with a large coffee and tears running down my cheeks, I felt confused and overwhelmed by life. I was a young performing artist living and working in the city that never sleeps and, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was dealing [...]

11 12, 2023

A Feldenkrais approach to an MD’s back pain creates a startup making active chairs – By Uwe Mester

2023-12-11T05:49:20-05:00December 11, 2023|Back, Chronic Pain, News, The Back|

In 2011 Dr. Turner Osler, a retired trauma surgeon and research epidemiologist, began taking Awareness through Movement (ATM) group lessons and private Functional Integration (FI) lessons with me. He wanted to know if the Feldenkrais Method could help address his lower back pain. After a few ATMs and FIs, he [...]

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