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19 06, 2020

ISMETA Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: An Interview with Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, MA, RSME/T

2020-08-25T11:36:09-04:00June 19, 2020|News|

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell is a Continuum teacher, expressive arts therapist, and artist. She has taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, on the faculty of Tamalpa Institute, and served for 9 years on the Board of Directors of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). She is co-chair [...]

19 06, 2020

An Interview with Martha Eddy

2020-08-25T11:37:56-04:00June 19, 2020|Art of Living|

Dr. Martha Eddy is the Geraldine Ferraro Fellow for Social Justice and Movement at Marymount Manhattan College, where she also advises the Body Science and Motion studies for students in the Dance and Natural Science Departments. She was a speaker at the 2019 Feldenkrais® Summit, and is the author of [...]

25 05, 2020

Tech Plus Touch Connects You to Your Clients

2021-07-20T18:05:43-04:00May 25, 2020|Members|

As the realities of current constraints to our habitual ways of practicing the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education become apparent, new growth opportunities in learning and day-to-day business practices are in front of us. Online tools and apps can bring your livelihood up to business standards your clients are used [...]

25 05, 2020

A New Path Out of Anxiety

2020-05-26T08:24:52-04:00May 25, 2020|Members, Stress|

by Zoe Birch, MA GCFP I wrote this article a number of years ago, inspired by Moshe's quote about aggression being a behavior, not an energy. In today's challenging and reactive climate, it is worth revisiting this idea of aggression as a behavioral expression of helplessness, impotence, and anxiety. The [...]

7 05, 2020

5 Things I Learned from the Feldenkrais Method about Boredom and Endurance

2020-05-08T12:36:20-04:00May 7, 2020|Art of Living, Featured, News|

by MaryBeth Smith, GCFPArticle originally appeared on the SomaQuest blog During the pandemic, many Feldenkrais® students have continued to attend classes online. My students tell me they value the opportunity to maintain some consistency in their routines, and to have the variety of another activity to break up the time [...]

15 04, 2020

What Have You Learned from Teaching Online?

2020-04-15T23:54:17-04:00April 15, 2020|Members|

We wanted to know what our colleagues were learning since the jump online, so we reached out to Ray Sylvester, Vita Kolodny, Cathy Paine, Nancy Linsley, and Bob Chapra to hear about their experiences. Bob Chapra, Philadelphia PA: 1. You can’t beat the overhead 2. People who live a distance [...]

15 04, 2020

Business and Personal Development: What’s Next?

2020-04-15T23:30:47-04:00April 15, 2020|Members|

We’ve done an extraordinary thing. Think about it. In just a little over a month’s time, culture and society have undergone a dramatic transformation. The economic, psychological, and logistical challenges of the time, and their effects, will reverberate far into the future. So what have WE done? We are adapting. [...]

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