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5 10, 2023

Feldenkrais in a War Zone: Dispatches from Ukraine – By Larissa Babij

2023-10-06T11:04:31-04:00October 5, 2023|Art of Living, News, Stress|

The content of this article is an excerpt from Larissa Babij’s blog, A Kind of Refugee, where she shares reflections about her experiences living in wartime Ukraine. In an email to SenseAbility, Larissa wrote: “My Feldenkrais training prepared me well for living through the uncertainty and turmoil following russia's full-scale [...]

20 10, 2022

‘Getting Comfortable in Yourself’ An excerpt from the new book Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness… And Like Yourself More by Alan S. Questel

2022-10-20T12:44:24-04:00October 20, 2022|Members|

When do you get comfortable? Meaning, what are you doing when you feel comfortable? Is this a silly question? Think on it. What if I said you’ll discover you may be living your life in a rather odd way. Among the answers I get when I ask “When do you [...]

11 10, 2022

Board Member Candidate Statements 2022

2022-12-02T10:50:27-05:00October 11, 2022|Members, News|

Canadian Director: Sue Seto I would like to continue to represent practitioners who reside and practice in Canada maintaining clear and meaningful communication. As Canadian Director, I would like to continue to contribute to my committee work. These committees are: Membership Committee, Policy Committee, Executive Committee and Portfolio holder of the Service Mark [...]

5 10, 2022

Dancing on Ice

2022-10-18T14:33:26-04:00October 5, 2022|Dance|

by Margot Schaal, GCFP CM   A couple decades into teaching the Feldenkrais Method® I decided to venture into  Figure Skating classes to expand my movement vocabulary on the ice,. I wanted to learn some moves beyond my rudimentary childhood skating experience, which was on a rough pond or flooded playground [...]

8 09, 2022

Could sorting clutter be soothing?

2022-09-08T14:38:44-04:00September 8, 2022|2022 Conference|

By Shona Lee, GCFP CM Getting organized. What does that mean to you? Does a particular domain in your life come to mind? I see organizing as an act of bringing some sort of structure to chaos by recognizing patterns, establishing systems and relationships and decluttering what’s no longer useful. In [...]

8 09, 2022

How The Feldenkrais Method® Informs The Moving Together Program To Support People Living with Memory Loss

2022-09-08T14:33:56-04:00September 8, 2022|News|

By Jennifer Lee, GCFP, Senior Moving Together Instructor and Training Facilitator, Allison Klinger, GCFP, Moving Together Senior Instructor, Chris Stribling, GCFP, Moving Together Instructor, and LeeAnn Starovasnik, GCFP, Moving Together Instructor   The Moving Together Program The Moving Together program is an integrative, online, live-streaming group movement program developed specifically [...]

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