Friday, September 10, 2021

Morning Awareness Through Movement® lesson

Becky Behling

In addition to Feldenkrais® training, Becky is also a certified personal trainer and post-rehabilitation exercise specialist with more than 28 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities both one-to-one and in group exercise settings. When Becky taught a foam rolling class at Lake Austin Spa Resort, she immediately recognized that Awareness Through Movements on a softer foam roller tapped a synergy for movement improvement without pain. Guests were thrilled with their quick shifts for the better and amazed that foam rolling was pain-free as well as pleasurable.

Frederick Schjang

Frederick has been teaching very popular Awareness Through Movement lessons in person, at conferences and online for many years.  Over the years, he has developed fitness programs for Equinox Sports Club, New York Sports Clubs, SAGE LGBTQ Elder Center and the New York City Parks Department.  Frederick enjoys building community by sharing his enthusiasm for classic American jazz with his students, staging special holiday programs and bringing young and veteran jazz artists to the attention of new audiences.


David Kaetz

David is the author of three books that touch, in different ways, upon the interface of somatic practice, spirituality, and the arts: Making Connections, The Ezekiel Code, and Listening with Your Whole Body. As a Feldenkrais practitioner and professional musician, he has developed a path to the improvement of hearing through embodied listening and teaches it worldwide. He will be attending this conference from his home on the west coast of Canada.


Chrish Kresge

Chrish has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® across the world for over 22 years in places such as the U.S., Ghana, Morocco, France, and Nepal. She works with people of all ages and abilities, using movement as the primary tool for improving function, self-awareness, posture, voice, and wellness.  She is passionate about using her diverse skills and background to help people find their optimal selves and innate dignity.

Chrish recently co-edited a book about the Feldenkrais Method, Learning Through Movement.

Chrish has served 3 terms on the national Board of Directors of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America and has chaired numerous annual Feldenkrais Method® conferences in North America.

She maintains an active private practice and teaches 5 group Feldenkrais classes per week in her studio in Northwest Washington, D.C.   She is currently studying at the Feldenkrais Training Academy with Dr. Jeffrey Haller.

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Carole Blueweiss

Carole has been practicing Feldenkrais since she graduated in 2003. Most recently, Carole has created a podcast where she gives voice to parents of children who have had Feldenkrais lessons.

Fritha Pengelly

Fritha Pengelly, M.F.A., is a Feldenkrais Practitioner® based in Northampton, MA. Fritha received her M.F.A. from the University of Washington focusing on anatomy and physiology.

Carol Lessinger

Prior to graduating from the Amherst training, Carol delighted in dance improvisation.  When she does Awareness Through Movement, her somatic inquiries lead to creative explorations of the movement theme. She enthusiastically offers her unique point of view and a new lesson to explore the connection between fingers, ribs, and the effect on mobility in your chest.

Margo Hennebach

Margo has been practicing Feldenkrais since she graduated in 2003. Margo uses Feldenkrais to teach singers and teachers how to use their voices in healthy, expressive ways.

Ruth Ever

Ruth Ever, MPH is a certified Whole Woman® practitioner and Psychosynthesis life coach. She uses holistic, non-invasive techniques to address pelvic and bladder issues.

Jean Elvin

Jean Elvin, MFA, GCFP maintains Sweet Agility, a Feldenkrais® private practice, since 1997, in the San Francisco, CA area. Ms. Elvin has developed five Feldenkrais courses at City College of San Francisco, including Feldenkrais for Performance. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Performance and Choreography from Arizona State University.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Morning Awareness Through Movement® lesson

Maria Bacha

Maria’s teaching of organic touch is influenced by 15 years of experience in Awareness Through Movement and FI, as well as her practice in Osteopathy, Body-Mind Centering and Transforming Touch. She enjoys deep dives into the inner sea and her last long-distance swim was a research project on the vagal system.

Frederick Schjan

Frederick has been teaching very popular Awareness Through Movement lessons in person, at conferences and online for many years.  Over the years, he has developed fitness programs for Equinox Sports Club, New York Sports Clubs, SAGE LGBTQ Elder Center and the New York City Parks Department.  Frederick enjoys building community by sharing his enthusiasm for classic American jazz with his students, staging special holiday programs and bringing young and veteran jazz artists to the attention of new audiences.

Joseph DellaGrotte

Dr. Josef DellaGrotte, PhD, CFP practitioner and trainer,  is a trained psycho-somatic practitioner on improving functional and neuromyofascial movement related disorders.  His training experience includes physical therapy, counseling rehabilitation, Rolf Structural Integration, yoga and t’ai chi- chi kung. From 1973-1981,  DellaGrotte trained with scientist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, 1973-1978; assisting him in the Amherst training (1980-81).

Dr. DellaGrotte has been known for his ‘exceptional manual skills’ and his ability to ‘read the body’. In his work with 1000′s of clients and 100′s of practitioners, he has helped clients reduce structural and mobility limitations, improve core ‘pathway’ strengthening, and restore healthy movement patterns.

Core Movement Integration, the synthesis of Dr. DellaGrotte’s four decades of work, incorporates the best techniques and concepts – from Feldenkrais to recent somatic science – into an integrative movement system.  CMI enables better functional movement integration, a stronger core, easier movement and greater overall health. Josef DellaGrotte (semi-retired) still conducts seminars in the Boston area and in Farnese, Italy.  He is the author of Awaken Movement: the Key to Life (2016), and earlier, Instructions from Within: Core Integration – Six Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness. DellaGrotte has also created several DVDs among them Core Integrated Walking, Dynamic Sitting Exercises, Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong Using Core Movement Integration Pathways.


Gail French

Gail started her professional career as an occupational therapy (OT) assistant in 1977 and in 1986, she became a physical therapist (PT).  Her passion to be highly effective led her to the Feldenkrais Method in 1987. She completed the Feldenkrais® training in 1993 and has been in private practice as a Feldenkrais practitioner since 1995. Gail started mentoring with Ruthy Alon in 1996 becoming a Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence; certified to train teachers of Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, and Mindful Eating. In 2012, she started studying the effects of viscera on movement through the Barral Institute. Through the Barral curriculum Gail has learned how to work with the organs (thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic), the vascular system, the peripheral nerves, and cranial structures.

Nancy Haller

Nancy Haller is a teacher, speaker, and writer with a private practice in the Seattle area. In 1997, she completed her training as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm and has been living with a brain injury since 2000. She has been able to return to near normal speech and daily function including a full practice by utilizing clear integration of the Feldenkrais Method® principles in her life. Working slowly and kindly within herself to assess, listen, and create differences every day to discover the present situation. Nancy brings her own personal story of recovering from brain injury and teaching others to find pathways to BrainEase in daily life in her book, “I Don’t Know How Long My Short-Term Memory Is”.

Anastasi Steven Siotas

Anastasi Siotas is a Greek-Australian based in NYC. He is well known for his expertise in anatomy gained through studies and teaching in diverse fields such as marine cell biology, modern dance, and biotensegrity. His unique approach to the Feldenkrais Method has been well received in the US, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Carol McAmis

Professor of Voice, Ithaca College (41 years. Singing, Vocal Pedagogy, Feldenkrais for Musicians, The Healthy Musician Workshop), GCFP (1991-present), ARTbundance Coach. Creator of The Singer’s PlayBox(tm), SingerSpa(tm).  Clinician: FGNA conferences, National Association of Teachers of Singing, New York State School Music Association, University of Minnesota, University of Limerick.

Linda Tellington-Jones

In 1978 Linda graduated from the first Feldenkrais Professional training program at the Humanistic Psychology Institute in San Francisco. She is a current member of FGNA. Linda Tellington-Jones is considered a pioneer in the field of interspecies communication. The Tellington TTouch® Method for animals and people is taught on six continents by more than a thousand certified Tellington Practitioners. Linda is the author of 21 books in 16 languages. She was awarded an honorary PdD for the development of the Tellington Method. In 2019 Linda received the Torch-Bearer Award from the International Peace Run Organization for her life-long devotion to a heart-based method that nurtures a unique, peaceful connection between animals and people. In addition to her work with animals Linda offers TTouch for You®, a profound form of self-care for all ages with which one can release pain and fear by connecting with Cellular Intelligence.

[email protected]

Elinor Silverstein

Elinor Silverstein, an internationally recognized Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, holds degrees in both Biology and Zoology. She integrates the sciences of nutrition and inner-biology into teaching both her “Gut-Brain Connection,” and “Vagus System” courses. Elinor has over 35 years of experience using the Feldenkrais Method® to assist children and adults with their healing process as they deal with serious nervous system disorders – both diagnosed and undiagnosed. She teaches these programs for the general public, as well as for medical professionals and Feldenkrais Practitioners throughout the world, while maintaining a private practice in Orange County, California. Elinor gives gracious thanks to her cousin, Moshe Feldenkrais for creating this most amazing body of work and way of thinking and doing.Website:

Email: [email protected]


Joyce Lu

Joyce Lu is a certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, educator and performing artist. She is also an equity consultant with Be the Change Consulting in Oakland and Dailey Innovations in Washington DC. Joyce is also the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Pomona College where she also teaches Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Studies.

Tim Sobie
Tim Sobie is a senior practitioner in The Feldenkrais Method® (FPTP Oregon 96’). He completed his doctoral dissertation Ph.D. in clinical psychophysiology at Saybrook University in 2016 by comparing an original, body schema & neuroplasticity-based Feldenkrais approach against usual physical therapy protocols for chronic low back pain and is now becoming certified in Office Ergonomics at North Carolina State University. He continues as clinical director of Alliant Physical Therapy & Integral Medicine ( in Tacoma-Olympia, WA, USA, while moving to teach telehealth & consult online via SOBUS WellCare Solutions ( in addition to hosting his future podcast show entitled “All Things Perception” of which The Feldenkrais Method® remains a key informant.

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee, Senior PLIE/MOVING Together Instructor, is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, completing Feldenkrais trainings in the US (1997) and Europe (2003), with a private bodywork and movement practice specializing in complex orthopedic and neurological issues for the past 24 years. Since 2011, As the Senior Instructor for the PLIÉ and MOVING Together programs, she leads online curriculum development and instructor training.

Allison Porter

Chris Stribling

LeeAnn Starovasnik

Barbara Anderson

Barbara completed the Southern California training in1986. Since graduating she has maintained a practice in Kansas City. Her twice weekly Awareness through Movement® classes have been meeting continuously for 35 years and until COVID, she had an active Functional Integration® practice as well. In March of 2020, she closed her studio and moved online. Like so many practitioners, Barbara has struggled for years with how to explain the method. She has taken classes on creating an “elevator speech”, accepted speaking engagements, and written articles. and paid for ads., She would start talking and people’s eyes would glaze over, not the response she wanted. Have you had a similar experience? Recently, she joined a coaching group and was introduced to “Building a Story Brand, Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen” by Donald Miller. Barbara is excited to share what she’s learned with you!

Molly Tipping

Molly Tipping’s work with Anxiety spans the subtle needs of the trauma sensitive to the competitive needs of the performer and athlete. Molly runs a busy private practice seeing clients with complex emotional experiences and lectures at WAAPA (where Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin studied – though they are not her students).  She supports dancers, actors, musicians, and singers. Molly was working with the Australian Olympic Skateboarding Team for Tokyo 2021 – until COVID19 put an end to that!

Stacy Barrows

Stacy Barrows is a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a nationally certified Pilates teacher (NCPT). She is the inventor of the patented SMARTROLLER® sensory motor tools for heightening kinesthetic awareness and is the author of SMARTROLLER GUIDE TO OPTIMAL MOVEMENT, 2nd ed. Stacy owns Smart Somatic Solutions, PT, Inc. an integrative private practice in West Los Angeles. She teaches Awareness Through Movement® classes at Santa Monica Yoga, UCLA Osher, and has taught internationally to health and fitness professionals. Stacy contributed to the recently published book, THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD~ and has always found passion in guiding her clients to learn through movement.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Morning Awareness Through Movement® lesson

Anna Haltrecht

Anna Haltrecht, GCFP and Assistant Trainer with over 40 years’ experience as a somatic educator, dance teacher and performer. Anna inspires people to live fully by finding their true authentic expression. She is a Senior Movement Intelligence Trainer offering teacher certification and maintains a Feldenkrais® practice in Salt Spring, Canada.

Paulette Dolin

Paulette has been practicing the Feldenkrais method personally for over 30 years and professionally since 1996. She currently has a private practice in Northern Colorado where she teaches fun FUNctional Fitness and Strong Bones, Powerful Women zoom classes as well as Awareness Through Movement® lessons. She loves to dance. You can find her on FB at Paulette’s Feldenkrais Practice.


Moti Nativ

Moti is a Feldenkrais Practitioner (1994) and a Master teacher of Martial Arts. Following Moshe’s way to become a Judo expert, he is teaching worldwide the ‘Synergy of the Martial Arts and the Feldenkrais Method’, practically combining ideas and techniques learned in martial arts and the FM. Moti specializes in teaching Dynamic Stability and the Art of Falling as an essential ability of self-preservation for elderly and

David Zemach-Bersin
David Zemach-Bersin studied with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973 to 1984 in the US, Europe, and Israel. He also studied extensively with Gaby Yaron, and Yochanon Rywerant. He has maintained a private Functional Integration practice since 1977 and for the past 25 years has been the Educational Director of Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in the metropolitan New York City area. David is co-author of Relaxercise (Harper Collins) and has created many Awareness Through Movement audio programs for the public and video programs for Practitioners. He founded in 2018. David currently teaches continuing ed programs for Feldenkrais Practitioners, and offers popular online classes for the public. David is a past President of the FGNA and lives in Bucks County, PA.

Kira Charles

A Feldenkrais practitioner for over 25 years, Kira Charles is also a Child’Space Method® assistant trainer.  She completed Master Practitioner training with Mia Segal; has been a staff practitioner at professional Feldenkrais® trainings and was an adjunct faculty member at New York University. She is one of the first Feldenkrais practitioners hired by the U.S. government, working with veterans with a wide range chronic pain

Erin Finklestein

As a clarinetist and practitioner for over 15 years, Erin has healed her own jaw issues and helped countless others find a new relationship with their jaw. Prior to becoming a practitioner, Erin taught herself a new way of moving the muscles in her own face after suffering acute jaw problems from practicing her instrument. With a strong in person and online practice, she has helped many people to have easier and more enjoyable movements. Visit and enter your email in the pop up to receive a free 20-minute lesson as a snapshot of this

Eileen A Bach-y-Rita

Eileen Bach-y-Rita had designed and run 2 brain plasticity mobility projects under N.I.H grants, for individuals who were medically diagnosed to be permanently paralyzed, before meeting and studying with Dr. Feldenkrais.  Her husband of 17 years was the late Paul Bach-y-Rita, whose work is described by Norman Doidge in the first chapter of The Brain That Changes Itself. Dr. Feldenkrais honored Eileen, by then his student, by asking if she would allow him to copy and distribute her thesis, “New Pathways in the Recovery from Brain Injury” to each member of his San Francisco Training graduating class. Of course, she said yes!

Ralph Strauch

Marcia Giudice

Marcia Giudice, GCFP, has a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and over 20 years of experience as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner.  She studied extensively with Ruthy Alon, became a certified Bones for Life® trainer, and completed all Ruthy’s programs including ‘Movement Intelligence’.  Marcia teaches Awareness Through Movement® classes and has a private practice in MA.

Annie Thoe

Annie Thoe is an Assistant Trainer based outside of Seattle, WA with decades of experience in naturalist and survival studies, the Feldenkrais Method® and numerous healing modalities. She teaches online classes and has a resource library of self-help CDs and video lessons on Patreon working with Animal/Nature Awareness and the Feldenkrais Method®.

Patreon Site:


YouTube Channel:

Astra Coyle

Astra Coyle, GCFP has been teaching since 2001, helping students develop new approaches for transforming their personal lives and changing their communities. She views the individual’s agency as necessary in reducing the exploitative effects of culture and developing resilient societies. Astra lives in NC with her husband and sons on the oldest land cooperative in the

Aliza Stewart

Aliza Stewart is a Feldenkrais Method Trainer practitioner, Trainer, and Educational Director. She has been practicing for 35 years. She has trained teachers in the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, Feldenkrais Trainings in Baltimore and other professional teacher trainings through the U.S., Europe, Israel and Brazil. She has been the Educational Director of the Boston Feldenkrais Training and the current Baltimore Feldenkrais Training. Aliza has presented classes, workshops, and lectures for many institutions and organizations that research alternative methods of rehabilitation.

Originally trained and performed widely as a concert pianist, Ms. Stewart has a great affinity for the needs and problems of performers. She helps musicians recover from playing related injuries and gives them tools to improve their overall sound and technique.