3 06, 2021

What does it mean to be fit?

2021-06-03T21:10:05-04:00June 3, 2021|News|

By Taro Iwamoto, GCFP How do you describe someone who is fit?  What’s your image of being fit?  People often refer to someone being fit as being in a good physical condition. You might think of someone who works out regularly and appears lean and physically conditioned.  The word “fit” [...]

3 06, 2021

Fitness After Feldenkrais® – 5 Potentialities for Reimagining Fitness Culture with the Feldenkrais Method®

2021-06-03T21:12:16-04:00June 3, 2021|News|

By Rachel White Galvin, DMA, GCFP Fitness culture is all around us. In fact, we’re so immersed in it that it’s actually quite difficult to see. When defining fitness culture, most might begin by listing various fitness modalities: running, yoga for fitness, CrossFit, weightlifting, pilates, just to name a few. [...]

30 04, 2021

On Health

2021-05-11T14:46:14-04:00April 30, 2021|News|

by Moshé Feldenkrais Originally published in Dromenon "A healthy person is one who can live fully his unavowed dreams."   A few years before World War II, I was teaching judo to make a living while working at the Sorbonne with Joliot-Curie for my doctor's degree in Science. One of [...]

21 04, 2021

Addressing TMJ Another Way . . .

2021-05-05T21:37:33-04:00April 21, 2021|Members, News|

By Erin Finkelstein, M.M. and GCFP How does your jaw relate to the whole of you? Oftentimes we do not consider how important our jaw is until there’s a problem with it. When our temporomandibular joint (TMJ) develops discomfort from clicking, grinding at night, or dental reasons, it can develop [...]

8 04, 2021

The Movements Of The Jaw

2021-05-05T21:42:47-04:00April 8, 2021|News|

By Buffy Owens, GCFP Ahhhhh….the jaw! I recently created a short movement practice for a student titled, "reConnecting The Pelvis & Jaw." I’m sure that you know that the jaw impacts your teeth and other mouthy parts. But did you also know that the jaw and its movements play a [...]

4 03, 2021

Sensuality: Being More You

2021-05-05T21:38:52-04:00March 4, 2021|News|

By Paul Pui Wo Lee, GCFP The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education has opened my eyes to the fact that judging the right-wrongness of movement could hinder one’s ability to regain their balance in response to life’s diverse situations. Becoming more at home in a wider range of movements crowns [...]

4 03, 2021

Sexuality and Feldenkrais Method: An Interview with Deborah J Bowes, DPT, GCFT

2021-05-05T21:49:36-04:00March 4, 2021|News|

Interviewed by Yulia Kriskovets Sexual well-being and Pelvic Floor: what is the connection? Sexual well-being is one aspect of a person’s self-image. Some definitions may be useful to discuss the connection between the pelvic floor and sexual well-being.   First, Moshe Feldenkrais’ definition of self-image says that self-image is composed of [...]

4 02, 2021

Daryel, the Seattle Somali Women’s Wellness Project

2021-05-05T21:44:15-04:00February 4, 2021|News|

By Gail Thompson Photo by the author. These times have highlighted the extent to which ethnic communities are segregated in our society, and Feldenkrais® practitioners are rightfully concerned about serving all of our communities. As an anthropologist, I am aware of the richness in other cultures that we can experience [...]

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