8 06, 2023

Listening as Sensing: How Awareness Through Movement® Is Different from Exercise – By Sheri Cohen

2023-09-17T11:30:05-04:00June 8, 2023|Awareness Through Movement Lessons, News|

Listen, let’s make an important distinction Many kinds of movement training distinguish themselves by the kinds of exercises that constitute their programs. One might focus on strength, another on flexibility; yet another might claim to improve both. Teachers of Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement have a different view altogether. We teach [...]

11 05, 2023

What Kids Can Teach Us – By Alex Schaefer

2023-09-17T11:30:46-04:00May 11, 2023|Babies & Children, News|

Greetings and pleasant movement to you, my name is Alex Schaefer, I am a physical therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner. After 22 years working in orthopedics, neurology, sports medicine, and geriatrics in a variety of locations across the country, I have recently moved back home to Illinois to start my own [...]

11 05, 2023

What to expect when a Feldenkrais practitioner works with your neuro-diverse child – By Cyndi Manes

2023-09-17T11:31:08-04:00May 11, 2023|Babies & Children, Neuroplasticity, News|

If you are the parent of a neurodiverse child, you have probably researched ways to facilitate your child’s development. While working with practitioners within the traditional medical model, you have probably repeatedly heard what problems your child has and what all the deficits are. As Feldenkrais Practitioners, we can offer [...]

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