1 08, 2022

Musicality of Being

2022-08-01T22:37:12-04:00August 1, 2022|2022 Conference, Art of Living|

By Seth Dellinger, GCFPCM   Is there a formula for feeling connected – to yourself, to other people, and your world? No, not exactly.  But there are certain signals that show up consistently in your experience that you can learn to recognize and relate to intentionally in daily life to [...]

1 06, 2022

If It’s a Martial Art, Why is it So Slow?! – Exploring the Similarities Between Feldenkrais Method Teachings and Taiji Quan

2022-06-01T21:35:56-04:00June 1, 2022|News|

By Joe Webster, GCFP CM   Many people are confused by the slow and tranquil practice of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) thinking that just because the sequences are practised slowly that there is no way that could translate into an actual fighting situation, let alone be a useful and effective way [...]

5 05, 2022

An Excerpt from: “Child Space,” a book by Chava Shelhav

2022-05-05T13:57:08-04:00May 5, 2022|Babies & Children, Walking|

An Integrated Approach to Infant Development Based on the Feldenkrais Method By Chava Shelhav, PhD with Orly Gat and Tomer Hollander Published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California All Right Reserved Excerpt courtesy of Somatic Resources and North Atlantic Books. Available from FeldenkraisResources.com, Better Bookstores and Amazon.com First Steps: As Walking [...]

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