2 03, 2023

Coming Home: Trusting the Leg We Stand On – By Becci Parsons

2023-03-02T15:09:58-05:00March 2, 2023|News|

I’m a collaborator and life-long learner by nature. As a dancer I loved the process of solving movement and choreography problems as a group. Through good fortune, I’ve managed to bring that spirit to my practice as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher ® . I’ve learned that it sometimes takes [...]

12 01, 2023

Two Visions of ‘Vision’ – By Seth Dellinger

2023-01-12T16:20:51-05:00January 12, 2023|News|

Vision refers to that sense which involves the use of your eyes and helps you avoid bumping into things. The same word can also be used to refer to images you hold in mind to represent how you imagine the unfolding of future events. So what’s the relationship between your [...]

9 11, 2022

The ‘Seat of Connection’ by Pamela Beets

2022-11-10T17:03:38-05:00November 9, 2022|News|

Horses and riding are my lifelong passion. One of my first memories of horses was sitting on my neighbor's horse as a very young child. Every time my parents tried to take me off the horse I would cry!  There was an immediate electric connection between the two of us. [...]

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