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Noticing WHEN Your Low Back Hurts Offers Insights Beyond Only WHERE

In Chronic Pain, Featured, The Back by MaryBeth Smith

by Brent Shaub, GCFPArticle originally appeared on the Embody Wisdom Today blog. Questions guide attention.  Asking the right question helps you to understand the cause and effects of your low back tension.  When pain persists, its presence answers where and how severe. Successful approaches address the symptoms at their source.  Sometimes lifestyle might exacerbate a problem. Asking “When does it …

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Cathryn Jakobson Ramin on Back Pain and the Feldenkrais Method®

In Chronic Pain, Featured, News, The Back by MaryBeth Smith

Investigative reporter Cathryn Jakobson Ramin is the author of “Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery.” From her first-hand experience as a back-pain sufferer, and from extensive research, interviews, and site visits, her book brings new public awareness to the prevalence of dangerous and ineffective treatments, devices, and pharmaceuticals offered to desperate people in …

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How A Fall Begins

In Featured, Posture & Balance by MaryBeth Smith

by Cynthia Allen, GCFPThis article originally appeared on the FutureLifeNow blog. Warning: I am about to surprise you. You are thinking, “I know how it began, I was walking down a step and missed it.” Or, “I turned too quickly and I was down.” But I say, if you are over 50, that fall you just had likely began 20-30 …

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Finding Your Balance

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by Taro Iwamoto, GCFPThis article originally appeared on the Trans4Move blog. Are you afraid of falling? Perhaps you have noticed a change in your ability to balance recently. Perhaps you think that these changes are just a natural part of aging, or because of a recent injury or diagnosis. Here’s the typical scenario: As people’s balance declines, they start to …

Embodiment: Freedom Through Awareness

In News by MaryBeth Smith

By Russell Delman Previously published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Therapies, June 2018 Used by permission Russell Delman began his study of body/mind perspectives and  human potential in 1969 as an undergraduate student in psychology. His lifelong commitment toward awareness and freedom began consciously at this time, along with his practice of Zen meditation. Through workshops at The …

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Does the Feldenkrais Method Help With Grief?

In Art of Living, Featured, News, Recovery, Stress by MaryBeth Smith

by Angela Alston, GCFP I was asked a few days ago, “Is Feldenkrais helping you grieve?” It’s not a trivial question. My first answer was, “I don’t know.” Sometimes it’s difficult for me to tease out what is Feldenkrais, what is meditation, and what is coming from other influences in my life. I’ve practiced both meditation and the Feldenkrais®  Method …

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Mindfulness, Bodyfulness, Heartfulness

In Art of Living, Awareness Through Movement Lessons, Featured, News, Stress by MaryBeth Smith

by Mike Morrell “Try doing less, Mike.” These four words are a frequent refrain I hear in Awareness Through Movement® class. I’m on the floor yet again. Usually followed by something like “What would it be like to be easier on yourself?” I then have the opportunity to move my arms, legs, head or torso more gently, lightly, or slowly …

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Images from the 2019 FGNA Conference

In 2019 Conference, News by MaryBeth Smith

The 2019 Conference was a powerful community-building event with many of the volunteers, from CORR to Legacy, bringing material to share with Members. This deep level of communication and openness have yielded information and resources for all Members. Rolling on the floor together, dancing after days of ATMs (what a feeling!), discovering collegial connections, sharing meals and ideas reminded all …

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Keep Playing!

In Art of Living, Healthy Aging, Musicians, Neuroplasticity, News, Performers, Recordings by MaryBeth Smith

by Annette Weiss Paralysis-Agitans – sounds like a great name for my new band. Paralysis agitans is the Latin name for Parkinson’s Disease and it vividly describes what happens to professional keyboard players like me: when you want to move, you can’t, and when you want to be still, you move involuntarily! I was diagnosed with this movement disorder six …