5 09, 2019

How A Fall Begins

2019-11-15T14:28:44-05:00September 5, 2019|Posture & Balance|

by Cynthia Allen, GCFPThis article originally appeared on the FutureLifeNow blog. Photo by Kiana Bosman on UnSplash Warning: I am about to surprise you. You are thinking, “I know how it began, I was walking down a step and missed it.” Or, “I turned too quickly and I was down.” [...]

4 09, 2019

Finding Your Balance

2019-11-15T14:28:55-05:00September 4, 2019|Posture & Balance|

by Taro Iwamoto, GCFPThis article originally appeared on the Trans4Move blog. Are you afraid of falling? Perhaps you have noticed a change in your ability to balance recently. Perhaps you think that these changes are just a natural part of aging, or because of a recent injury or diagnosis. Photo [...]

20 09, 2018

Posture or Acture?

2019-03-20T22:23:07-04:00September 20, 2018|News, Posture & Balance|

by Scott Forrester, GCFP The idea of posture as good vertical standing is familiar to most everyone. The word "posture" originates from words that mean position or station and may be used to imply a static position. Although vertical posture is an important concept, Moshe Feldenkrais did not feel that the [...]

13 09, 2018

Stand like Never Before: Interview with Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP

2019-03-28T14:48:35-04:00September 13, 2018|News, Posture & Balance, Posture and Balance|

Standing vs Sitting Ira Feinstein: There has been a movement over the last decade to encourage people to stop sitting at work and start standing. From a Feldenkrais® perspective, is standing really the silver bullet we’ve been told it is? Stacy Barrows: We have a tendency in our culture to fear monger. [...]

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