Transitions: Up & Down off the Floor and More

In by Anita Bueno

This is a live, online class that you can join from anywhere via the Zoom app. Classes will be done either sitting, standing or lying on the floor. We will use gentle movements designed to stimulate the nervous system into learning mode, and create new opportunities for more coordinated and fluid movement. You can feel lighter, more powerful, and more …

Movement Intelligence Mindful Eating Training

In by Anna Haltrecht

Mindful Eating is a way to cultivate a healthful relationship with food by learning strategies to retrieve the basic sense that knows what best supports life, what to eat and when to stop. The process of mindfulness is about “waking up”, being in the present moment and creating awareness of internal and environmental cues that trigger eating. Once you are …

An Advanced Training with Donna Ray: State Shifting – Emotional Integration Through the Functional Use of the Eyes and Hands

In by Elizabeth Beringer

The effect of functional eye-hand coordination on one’s emotional state is a potent one. During her career as a Feldenkrais practitioner, Donna Ray has been investigating how our emotional habits are entwined with our moving self-image. This three-day course will focus specifically on understanding the special relationship between the eyes and hands and how it can be utilized and molded …

Yoga Enrichment Through Feldenkrais®

In by Anita Bueno

Dive deep into the richness of yoga poses and deepen the benefits of what each pose offers using the Feldenkrais® Method. Spend a delicious hour in a gentle, mindful and playful exploration of movement that can have surprising effects. Each class will focus on a different pose using gentle movement and mindful awareness. The classes are a widely adaptable to anyone, …

Awareness Through Movement® Weekly Classes

In by Kachina Abeita

The Dallas Yoga Center is now offering Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Weekly classes as an addition to it’s Somatic Yoga and Movement Education Program. Each month, Kachina Abeita, a Feldenkrais Guild Certified Practitioner® since 1987, will select a theme and guide you into a deep inquiry. Open to the Public. Members and Non-Members welcomed. No prior experience required.

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Which Side are You On?

In Chronic Pain, News by Ira Feinstein

by Christine Graves, GCFP Complex Regional Pain Syndrome In recent studies regarding the unfortunate condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), persons with abnormal temperature changes in the affected limb (the side with the problems) can create the same changes in the unaffected limb when it is placed on the affected side. That’s right, a healthy limb placed on the side …