Remembrances of Chloe Scott

In Members by MaryBeth Smith

FGNA Life Member Chloe Scott died September 9, 2019, in Oswego, OR, at age 93. Chloe’s long-time friend, Janet Loops, has written a poignant tribute to her mentor, colleague, and dancing buddy.

Chloe Scott

“I met Chloe when I started taking dance lessons with her in the early 1970’s. I was asked to join her dance troupe, called “The Dymaxion Moving Company”. The dance company was started in the 1960’s and still exists today. This is due to Chloe’s dedication, commitment and compassion for dance and movement which she instilled is us. Our 12 members still meet once a week for 2 hours. We have a Feldenkrais® warmup and then do improvisational dance to various themed music.

“Also in the early ‘70’s, Chloe and I attended an Awareness Through Movement® workshop given by Betty Fuller and Dub Leigh. We were very intrigued by this innovative form of movement. So when the first San Francisco training was announced we applied, thinking that we would never get in, she being a dancer and I being a Yoga teacher. To our surprise we were both accepted. Thus began our long friendship both personally and professionally in the Feldenkrais world.

Performance of “Movement for Moshe”
at the 2012 FGNA Conference

“During our training, Chloe choreographed a dance called “Movement for Moshe”, which used Awareness Through Movement lessons as inspiration. Moshe loved it! Dymaxion has performed this dance often since then. Chloe choreographed many pieces during her career, including a dance called “Way of the White Cloud,” which our group performed at Stanford University in 1983.

‘Chloe and I became Assistant Trainers in the 1980’s, and spent many trainings together in Europe and Australia. When at home in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, we continued working together and trading lessons. She and I taught large ATM® classes and had many private clients.

‘Later in life, Chloe moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon to be with her daughter and family. Dymaxion members would often visit her and reminisce about all our wonderful times together.

‘Chloe’s presences in my life as a loving friend and mentor will be deeply missed.”

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