This recorded Awareness Through Movement® lesson begins with a three-minute talk about what the Feldenkrais Method® is (and isn’t) and how with the Method, our movements are always in service of awareness–even when they resemble traditional exercise. Why build awareness? Because our awareness is what regulates how we behave.

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Nick Strauss-Klein (a 2006 New York FPTP graduate) is the Director of Twin Cities Feldenkrais® where he has taught and practiced the Method full-time for the last nine years. He’s currently spearheading The Feldenkrais Project, whose vision is to spread the benefits of Feldenkrais study as widely as possible and drive interest in local practitioners and classes around the world. This online collection of edited Awareness Through Movement class recordings, geared towards the home listener, serves a growing global community of practitioners, trainees, and independent students and is supported entirely by donations.