Five Tips to Start Your Year as a Feldenkrais Teacher

In Members by MaryBeth Smith

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

January is a good time to:

  1. Get better organized. Catch up on fling, organize your office supplies, bring order to your desk drawers and storage shelves, wash your towels (again), clear out items you no longer use, dust, mop, vacuum – whatever is needed so that YOU KNOW everything is clean and welcoming. For some clients, clutter can be such a distraction that it affects the quality of their experience with you. Their nervous system – and your own — will feel refreshed and ready to learn and grow in a calm and clear environment.
  2. Get important documents together for taxes. Make an appointment with your tax preparer. 
  3. If you haven’t set your learning goals yet and made your plan for 2020, have a look at the Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile [Member login required], and choose a category to focus on this year. Write your learning plan and keep it on file. Maybe you want to strengthen something that is already one of your superpowers, or perhaps you would like to venture into building up your skill set in a category where you have less expertise. Choose something, write it down, and begin.
  4. Set your intentions for your Feldenkrais Practice. This can be anything from making a commitment to REALLY take a day completely off each week, to working toward seeing a specific number of clients each week, or carving out an additional hour for study, writing, or practice on the floor.  In our work, we know the importance of a clear intention. That applies to your business, as well.
  5. Take inventory: What resources do you have to promote your practice, to make yourself and the Feldenkrais Method more visible in your circle of influence? “Resources” doesn’t necessarily mean money. 
    1. You might make a plan to look at the FGNA Facebook page on a Sunday, and re-post the past week’s content to your Facebook feed in the coming week. 
    2. If you send a newsletter, use article links from SenseAbility or Facebook posts to add value and stimulate conversations. 
    3. You could review “Promote Your Practice” articles from In Touch and choose one new idea to implement. 

Here is a link to 2019 publications and themes, so you can revisit them for ideas and content.

  1. You might use a free app, like Canva, to design some attractive images to enliven your newsletters or workshop promotional materials. Your imagination is your best resource, so imagine what you’d like to see and then proceed, move by move, to make it happen!
  2. Look into making short videos! Read on below.