Canadian Director: Sue Seto

I would like to continue to represent practitioners who reside and practice in Canada maintaining clear
and meaningful communication. As Canadian Director, I would like to continue to contribute to my committee work. These committees are: Membership Committee, Policy Committee, Executive Committee and Portfolio holder of the Service Mark Team. Of late, I have accepted the position of Interim Vice President. I am running again for the FGNA BOD, as although there have been many Board accomplishments over the past few years, there are many more to embrace. I have worked on the Board to further our Method throughout North America, assisting in the completion of significant Board initiatives and achievements. I have kept the best interest of all North American practitioners as priority, while maintaining a bright light on the unique position of Canadian practitioners during discussions, initiatives and decisions.

Beth Scott:
I am pleased to be asked to further serve on the FGNA Board of Directors. Thank you for the
consideration. I have now been practicing the Feldenkrais Method® for over 20 years. I began dabbling with it in 1994 after a weekend introduction to The Method done by Mark Reese and Sandy Burkhart, PT. I knew as soon as I experienced it that I had to get certified! It took me three years to find the right combination of location and schedule that would work for my young family and my newly opened PT private practice. I joined Mark’s training in San Diego in January of 1997, graduating in August 2000. As soon as I was introduced to The Method, I began integrating it into my PT practice. Before long, I could not conceive of PT without it. My primary clientele were chronic pain patients and I had experienced chronic pain myself—until I went through my training which rendered it no longer chronic! The ability to utilize the Feldenkrais Method® concepts with patients who had not been able to move was a game-changer and changed my practice, and effectively, my career. I also trained to be a teacher in Bones For Life™ and have taught it to the public as well as private clients. I also attended the inaugural Walk For Life™ Training with Ruthy Alon. I am, as you may have noticed, a learn-a-holic! I continued with other certifications including Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition certificate, a Nutrition Therapy certification, Mindfulness Meditation, and others. I mention these in order to convey the breadth of my approach to working with clients. I see everyone as whole, regardless of how they “show up” and want to have as many tools as possible to help them see that in themselves. I enjoy helping them build their toolbox. I look forward to continued work with my colleagues to further the access to this incredible body of work should I be again confirmed as a member of the FGNA Board.

March Dolphin:
I am running for the position of an FGNA Board of Director 3 to assist in fostering more engagement and participation by FGNA members to re-ignite a “spirit of community” in all of the Guild. I am inspired by the people In the community like Cynthia Allen and those who help her to do the “Move Better, Fell Better Summit” and Kwan Wong’s “An AY Lesson a Day “which celebrated its 5th year last June. I have been a member of FGNA since my first year of training in 1991. After graduating in 1994 from the Chicago training with Gaby Yaron, Kira Charles and Kevin Creedon, the then regional representatives of New York along with other NY practitioners, welcomed us newcomers into the New York Feldenkrais community. They engaged us in the community thru projects and they asked our opinions. The NY Region worked together with the assistance of Michael Purcell to prevent New York State from requiring Feldenkrais® Practitioners to have a massage license to practice. I ran the NY Region's, Professional Support Group for 5 years, was Co-regional representative for 3 years with, Rosmarie Hausherr. With the assistance of the NY guild members, we had an annual regional conference and Moshe’s Centennial Celebration in NY. From 2004 -2018, with my business partner, Leslie Wilder and I ran an ongoing AY Study Group in the NY Region. I got to know and learn from my colleagues, because of this I got back more than I gave. Things have changed in New York and so have I. I have currently moved to Denver, Colorado, where I grew up. In Colorado a group of practitioners is getting together for half an hour once a month teaching each other ATMs.

FGNA Committees Ethics: May Nasser
I was asked by one of the members of the ethics committee to consider joining the committee. After
some thought and discussion with the member and also with the chair of the committee, I think I can
serve the community with my background and understanding of ethics and legal responsibilities.
My legal training contained a strong emphasis on a code of ethics and professional responsibilities. I
practiced law for several years, but did not enjoy it. I left private practice and moved to the Public
Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia, where I worked for 23 years in estate administration (not as a lawyer), in Vancouver BC, Canada. The PGTBC is an organization with a “unique statutory role to protect the interests of British Columbians who lack legal capacity to protect their own interests”, and all its staff trained in and aware of ethics and responsibilities while acting as a fiduciary protector of its clients. I started my training in the Feldenkrais Method® in 1998, graduating in 2001, from Jeff Haller’s Seattle / Sun Valley training. Jeff also emphasizes a professional, ethical environment for practitioners in training. I practiced Feldenkrais part time for many years, while also working full and then part time with the PGTBC. I am currently teaching online classes while living with my elderly parents and assisting them in the last years of their lives. I try to live an ethical life, and believe I can serve on the committee and contribute to the broader
community in this way.

NATAB: Gisele St. Hilarie
I am passionate about our profession and so volunteering time toward the welfare of our profession
seems a worthwhile endeavor. Further, I expect I will learn a great deal and become a better Assistant
Trainer through my participation on NATAB. This too will be the good of our profession. And so, at the
request of a colleague, I’m agreeing to be nominated for this position.

Nominating: Kate Conroy
Since my FGNA certification in 2015 I’ve been a Functional Integration® practitioner seeing clients in New York City. Using sliding scale fee structures, I intentionally developed an artist and LGPTQ+ client base with a commitment to engaging BIPOC clients. I’ve written for the FGNA newsletter to provide trans client advocacy and share business development tips. I provided LGBTQ+ advocacy training to pre-practicum practitioner trainees. In 2020 I put my practice on hiatus will navigating the COVID pandemic protocols. During that time I’ve earned certification in public health advocacy from Cornell and ACE fitness training. I’ve since developed a specialty in senior fitness strength training to complement my Feldenkrais practice. Before Feldenkrais® I was an executive level non-profit arts administrator. From that decade of work which was complimented with NYSCA- sponsored board training and development, I have a significant understanding of nonprofits and their essential volunteer structures. I’m eager to apply my knowledge, consensus building approaches, an expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion to contribute to building a representative FGNA board.