One Big Question (and three little ones) to ask yourself so you can help more people in 2020

In Members by MaryBeth Smith

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The last of the latkes are fried, the concluding candy canes have crunched. It’s time to relax with a cup of cheer and dream a bit about the coming year. Here’s the big question: What would you like for your practice to look like 12 months from now?

It’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to have a process for making it happen. Luckily, you have a superpower — the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education– that can help you to turn your intentions into actions. Open a doc on your computer, grab a pen and paper, or dictate into a voice recorder (your smartphone probably has one). See where these questions take you:

  1. What do you enjoy doing that you’d like to do MORE of?
    Whether you practice just for yourself, or earn your living teaching the public, what do you look forward to doing each day? What’s working well? What leaves you feeling satisfied and happy? Spend some time thinking about the aspects of your practice that you most enjoy. Wouldn’t it be great to have more of THAT?

    Now flow with the following prompt: “It would be so much fun if I could _______.” Allow yourself to get on a roll! Make up the most elaborate, delicious, fabulous fantasy where anything is possible. When you’ve finished (-ish), pause. What would it take to make that happen? Make a list, an idea map, or an interpretive dance (you do you!) and capture all the components — the space, the people, the resources, the ideas.The only constraint is,  place no constraints on your imagination. Pause and let it rest for awhile. When you’re ready, come back to your daydream. What one action would be easy to start today? Do that.
  2. What could you do LESS of?
    Next, write down the tasks you’re not stellar at, the things you dread, and even the things that leave you “Meh.” Identify your time and energy drains. Perhaps it’s time to hire someone to do your book-keeping, housecleaning, or answering the phone, for example. The small investment will be worth it in terms of your well-being and overall productivity. Be ruthless and fearless. Eliminate the tasks you can. Delegate the ones you can’t.
  3. Where would you like to grow?
    FGNA and the International Feldenkrais® Federation have created support structures for your continued learning, in the Feldenkrais Practitioner Profile (FPP) and the IFF Competency Profile, which you can easily download from our website. There’s a lot there; so easy does it, start small. 

What do you need to learn so that you can feel more capable and confident? What have you been avoiding? Make a plan to take the course, hire the pro, have the conversation, carve out the time. Take the action that’s easiest right now. Be content with small steps. Refine each repetition. 

Track your progress (items crossed off the list, stars on your calendar, money in the bank) so you can encourage yourself. Make 2020 your year to be better than ever.

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