Feldenkrais® ~ Sound Healing ~ Yoga 3 day Retreat in Nature

In by Shara Ogin

Hosted at the beautiful Mt Madonna Center on 355 acres of peaceful mountain-top redwood forest and grassland. Located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, just 20 minutes from Silicon Valley. Mt Madonna features a spectacular view of all Monterrey Bay. The weekend will consist of Feldenkrais lessons, yoga, laughter, connection, meditation, movement classes, nature, as well as personal and spiritual growth classes. …

Yoga Enrichment Through Feldenkrais®

In by Anita Bueno

Dive deep into the richness of yoga poses and deepen the benefits of what each pose offers using the Feldenkrais® Method. Spend a delicious hour in a gentle, mindful and playful exploration of movement that can have surprising effects. Each class will focus on a different pose using gentle movement and mindful awareness. The classes are a widely adaptable to anyone, …

Awareness Through Movement with Ernie Adams

In by Ernie Adams

Awareness Through Movement® was developed by renowned movement educator, Judo master, and physicist, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. His work has been used worldwide for over 60 years to improve recovery from physical and neurological injuries and enhance athletic performance. Calm your nervous system and sharpen your proprioceptive senses. Fine-tune your ability to recognize postural/movement habits that are hurting you. Learn to move with minimum …

Reaching & Bending: Live Online Weekly Class

In by Anita Bueno

Rediscover your innate capacity for efficient, pain-free movement. Bend, lift and reach with more ease and power while avoiding future injury. Classes consists of simple movements done with focused awareness to discover new ways of getting things done. This is a live online class using the Zoom app. All you will need is an internet connection and some floor space. …

Awareness Through Movement® Weekly Classes

In by Kachina Abeita

The Dallas Yoga Center is now offering Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Weekly classes as an addition to it’s Somatic Yoga and Movement Education Program. Each month, Kachina Abeita, a Feldenkrais Guild Certified Practitioner® since 1987, will select a theme and guide you into a deep inquiry. Open to the Public. Members and Non-Members welcomed. No prior experience required.

Mindful Movement: Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method®

In by Patricia Wahl

A gentle yoga class with mini-movement lessons, and an extra long savasana and meditation at the end. As you learn more about your own movement patterns and improve your coordination, the end result of this class will leave your nervous system calmed and soothed. This class is a great compliment to any yoga practice. It is for those who want …