28 01, 2020

The Power of Video to Promote Your Practice

2020-01-28T11:33:54-05:00January 28, 2020|Members|

People love video! Most of us have a pretty good video camera with us most of the day, in our smartphones. Yet few in our community have taken advantage of this tool to promote their practices.  What are the benefits of creating short videos? Be more visible. In order for [...]

21 11, 2019

Marketing Outreach to Yoga Studios

2019-11-21T14:49:06-05:00November 21, 2019|Members, Yoga|

by Lavinia Plonka and MaryBeth Smith Marketing the Feldenkrais Method® offers unique challenges. A Feldenkrais® teacher could go into any environment: dance studio, tennis clinic, dental office, or a yoga studio -- and offer ATM® lessons that would help improve a person’s performance. Conversely, trying to attract people to a [...]

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