25 01, 2021

4 Week Feldenkrais ATM(R) Series

2021-01-25T12:29:19-05:00January 25, 2021|, |

This series will help you to find new possibilities in your movement, help you improve your daily movement so you can feel great and live life the way you want to. Moving better translates to less injuries and more energy! For questions about the series, please call Patricia at 917.420.0615, [...]

10 10, 2019

Online Awareness Through Movement Palm Springs

2020-06-20T11:06:33-04:00October 10, 2019||

We invite you to join our Awareness Through Movement®, that focuses on the groups individual needs and interest. We teach weekly and packages are available on a monthly basis. We provide a safe environment for learning and moving for all ages, conditions and interest.

31 03, 2020

Awareness Through Movement® Online Class

2020-06-13T20:11:12-04:00March 31, 2020||

Feldenkrais® is a method of somatic education that helps you reconnect with your ability to move with ease, through a natural, exploratory learning process. The Feldenkrais Method helps you learn how to make any activity easier, more effective and more enjoyable. Taught by Anna Haltrecht, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer, and Movement [...]

5 03, 2020

Are You on LOCKDOWN?

2020-03-23T19:56:29-04:00March 5, 2020|Athletes, Featured, Martial Arts, News|

by Russ Mitchell, Authorized Awareness Through Movement® Teacher Photo by Shane Avery on Unsplash Got stiff legs that feel like they’re in prison, no matter how much you stretch? That was me in high school. I was a Navy Brat and moved a lot, and when we lived in Rhode Island I worked [...]

18 02, 2020

Feldenkrais ATM® Lesson

2020-02-18T16:33:42-05:00February 18, 2020||

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education (developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais) teaches proper movement techniques that greatly increase flexibility and improve upon or eliminate pain. By retraining the body how to move properly, The Feldenkrais Method means better health, mobility, outlook, coordination and balance  

10 02, 2020

Online Feldenkrais® Classes

2020-04-28T08:13:00-04:00February 10, 2020||

Usually held at All Saint's Episcopal in historic downtown Frederick, MD, this class is now online.  You have a choice of coming on Tuesdays and/or Fridays for the same lesson, and drop-ins are welcome.  Plenty of variety, with all classes improving balance, posture, mobility, coordination and gait. Beginners will be [...]

1 11, 2019

Awareness Through Movement Class®

2019-11-01T09:20:59-04:00November 1, 2019|, |

- Move without pain - Avoid or overcome injuries, -  Better posture - More ease Learn how the gentle, safe, easy, yet very effective movement sequences of Awareness Through Movement® can help you to become more aware of how you move and replace old habits with more efficient movements. Move [...]

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