The Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement®Classes For Pain and Post-Op

In by Katie Giarth

The Feldenkrais Method is wonderful for improving pain, mobility, function, flexibility, coordination, balance, and so much more. In this class, I assist people who are post-operative and have joint replacements as well as those who experience chronic pain or illness. I choose lessons that are easy and engaging to encourage optimal recovery and long-term relief and function. Most of those …

Feldenkrais ATM® Lesson

In by Katie Giarth

In this weekly series, Katie focuses on lessons that help to assist those who have experienced past trauma, narcissistic abuse, pain and illness. These gentle lessons remind students of what pleasurable, safe movements feel like to the body. As students begin to feel the ease of the movements, pain decreases and a feeling of safety and joy arises. Come remember …

Online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Classes

In by Shari Lee

Online ATM® classes – No experience needed! Please have a chair, mat and folded towels for head support nearby. Please contact Shari to register and pay to join these Zoom sessions through PayPal or by check. All you need is the openness to discovering new sensations and improvements in your abilities as you learn to move and feel better! Please …

Private sessions, by appointment

In by Barbara Ingram Alexander

Contact me to schedule a private Feldenkrais(R) movement session, in a professional office in Fremont/Seattle.  Covid-19 protocols followed, large opening windows at 2nd floor office. Licensed massage therapist using personalized Awareness Through Movement(R) lessons in session to address issues of movement or posture.

Feldenkrais ATM® Class

In by Patricia Wahl

Join Patricia Wahl, GCFP for a weekly Feldenkrais ATM class at Yoga Haven 2 in Scarsdale, NY. This deep exploration of functional movement ends in a long relaxation. All mats and props are provided. Your first class is $10, classes thereafter are $23, with package options for lowering the cost. Please email or call Patricia with any questions. [email protected]

Healthy Spine et. al.

In by Anita Bueno

Don’t let the holidays be a pain in the… neck! Give yourself the gift of relaxation, health and self-awareness. 5-week series focusing on ease of movement through the neck, back, shoulders, ribs and pelvis.

Online Feldenkrais Classes

In by Anita Noone

Everyone is welcome to these online classes. It is quick and easy to join – just sign up for email at and receive the links in your email. Classes are tailored to the needs of those in attendance. Move better, manage pain, and learn something new about yourself! Classes are offered Monday at 9, Tues. at 10:30, Wed. at …

Awareness Through Movement Class®

In by Petra Riedel-Willems

– Move without pain – Avoid or overcome injuries, –  Better posture – More ease Learn how the gentle, safe, easy, yet very effective movement sequences of Awareness Through Movement® can help you to become more aware of how you move and replace old habits with more efficient movements. Move with more ease and flexibility by engaging the whole body …

Finding Ease in Fall Chores

In by Anita Bueno

Raking leaves, cleaning gutters, testing smoke alarms… learn how to find more ease while you do all the things that need doing. Each week we’ll focus on a different movement. Whether you are reaching, bending, pulling, pushing or climbing ladders, a more efficient organization will make the job quicker, safer, and easier.

Online Awareness Through Movement Palm Springs

In by Daniela Schellenberg

We invite you to join our Awareness Through Movement®, that focuses on the groups individual needs and interest. We teach weekly and packages are available on a monthly basis. We provide a safe environment for learning and moving for all ages, conditions and interest.