The Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement®Classes For Pain and Post-Op

In by Katie Giarth

The Feldenkrais Method is wonderful for improving pain, mobility, function, flexibility, coordination, balance, and so much more. In this class, I assist people who are post-operative and have joint replacements as well as those who experience chronic pain or illness. I choose lessons that are easy and engaging to encourage optimal recovery and long-term relief and function. Most of those …

Weekly Feldenkrais® Classes in Frederick, MD

In by Hannah Vo-Dinh

Join us every Tuesday in historic downtown Frederick, MD.  The class atmosphere is congenial and welcoming to complete beginners.  We meet in a comfortable, spacious hall with huge windows and a high arched ceiling.  Mats are on-site for you to borrow.

Feldenkrais ATM® Lesson

In by Katie Giarth

In this weekly series, Katie focuses on lessons that help to assist those who have experienced past trauma, narcissistic abuse, pain and illness. These gentle lessons remind students of what pleasurable, safe movements feel like to the body. As students begin to feel the ease of the movements, pain decreases and a feeling of safety and joy arises. Come remember …

Awareness Through Movement® with Andy Isaacson

In by Andy Isaacson

Feldenkrais® classes offer the opportunity to move out of pain and into comfort. Over the course of an hour, students are guided to attend to themselves as they do a series of gentle movement explorations. In becoming aware of how we move, our habits are revealed, and options for using ourselves in different, more effective ways become available. This process …

Fall Feldenkrais® and Embodied Life Retreat™ – Sewanee, TN, November 12-15, 2020

In by Brenda Rasch

This event include 3 essential practices: 1. Embodied Meditation – to develop the capacity to sit quietly with whatever arises and bring openness and kindness to the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise from moment to moment. 2. Feldenkrais Method ® movement lessons – movement education that teaches you to move with greater ease and efficiency so you can enjoy …

Awareness Through Movement Class®

In by Petra Riedel-Willems

– Move without pain – Avoid or overcome injuries, –  Better posture – More ease Learn how the gentle, safe, easy, yet very effective movement sequences of Awareness Through Movement® can help you to become more aware of how you move and replace old habits with more efficient movements. Move with more ease and flexibility by engaging the whole body …

Increasing Sense-ability

In by Kevin Healy

The lessons this month will be focused on helping to bring your attention to your body in an easy pleasurable way to increase your sensory acuity and reduce tension.

Feldenkrais® ~ Sound Healing ~ Yoga 3 day Retreat in Nature

In by Shara Ogin

Hosted at the beautiful Mt Madonna Center on 355 acres of peaceful mountain-top redwood forest and grassland. Located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, just 20 minutes from Silicon Valley. Mt Madonna features a spectacular view of all Monterrey Bay. The weekend will consist of Feldenkrais lessons, yoga, laughter, connection, meditation, movement classes, nature, as well as personal and spiritual growth classes. …

Your Flexible Back

In by Kevin Healy

Lessons in this workshop will focus on improving movement throughout the spine, by reducing unnecessary muscular effort and using small movements to awaken our attention.