17 08, 2020

Awareness Through Movement® with Jeff Haller—A Modern Sensory Motor Approach to Developing Awareness

2020-08-17T09:34:12-04:00August 17, 2020||

The Feldenkrais Method® of Awareness Through Movement is a remarkably modern and innovative process for helping people transform the quality of their lived experience. It is a way to open one’s subjective reality from internalized historical constraints into profound awareness and personal freedom. This class uses movement and sensory discrimination [...]

7 07, 2020

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons (Advanced)

2020-07-07T09:36:43-04:00July 7, 2020||

This class is geared towards people who are familiar with Feldenkrais® lessons and are comfortable with complex and coordinated movements sequences. You will explore seemingly difficult and challenging positions made easy and pleasurable. You should be somewhat comfortable being on your belly, sitting cross-legged, kneeling and standing, and the transitions [...]

4 01, 2021

New Beginnings

2021-01-04T17:03:28-05:00January 4, 2021||

How do you start something new? How you approach the beginning of something can determine how it will unfold. Using movement as a metaphor, we will play with the infinite variety of how we initiate change in our lives. $40 for 4 class series

26 01, 2021

The Neurological Wisdom of Play

2021-01-26T13:03:27-05:00January 26, 2021||

 2 free intro classes this week: Tuesday, January 26, 1-2pm EST Thursday, January 28, 430-530pm EST Sign up here: https://movement-and-creativity.ck.page/5d18baa6f2 ------ The Neurological Wisdom of Play 6 Week Feldenkrais Series w/ Matty Wilkinson  How does play drive learning without trying to learn?  What can children at play teach us about conditions [...]

4 01, 2021

Tuesday Mindful Movement Classes

2021-01-04T16:33:36-05:00January 4, 2021||

Reduce stress and invite more power, ease, and clarity into your life through gentle mindful movement. Bring your openness and your curiosity and get ready for self-discovery. All levels, drop-ins welcome Open to the public

18 02, 2020

Feldenkrais ATM® Lesson

2020-02-18T16:47:38-05:00February 18, 2020||

In this weekly series, Katie focuses on lessons that help to assist those who have experienced past trauma, narcissistic abuse, pain and illness. These gentle lessons remind students of what pleasurable, safe movements feel like to the body. As students begin to feel the ease of the movements, pain decreases [...]

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