“Seeing and Perceiving Beyond your Expectations” Part II – The Eyes with Ellen Soloway

In by Jane Johnston

“Seeing and Perceiving Beyond your Expectations” Part II Ellen Soloway:  Advanced Training 2 day Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 “Seeing and Perceiving Beyond your Expectations” “The human nervous system is the least rigid of all structures.  It grows and forms itself while we undergo experience.  It is more affected by personal experience than the nervous system of any …

Yoga & Feldenkrais® Method, Too!!

In by Jane Johnston

Very gentle yoga using a stability ball (if you like) and the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education, too!

Awareness Through Movement® Weekly Classes

In by Kachina Abeita

The Dallas Yoga Center is now offering Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement Weekly classes as an addition to it’s Somatic Yoga and Movement Education Program. Each month, Kachina Abeita, a Feldenkrais Guild Certified Practitioner® since 1987, will select a theme and guide you into a deep inquiry. Open to the Public. Members and Non-Members welcomed. No prior experience required.

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Posture or Acture?

In News, Posture & Balance by Ira Feinstein

by Scott Forrester, GCFP The idea of posture as good vertical standing is familiar to most everyone. The word “posture” originates from words that mean position or station and may be used to imply a static position. Although vertical posture is an important concept, Moshe Feldenkrais did not feel that the word was the best description of human function. He coined …