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Start the Day with Awareness Through Movement®

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by Paulette Dolin
2019 FGNA Conference Committee, Presenter

Paulette Dolin

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Ask anyone who has attended a Feldenkrais® conference: starting each day with an Awareness Through Movement lesson is a highlight of the week. Each morning of the conference, there are three lessons to choose from; truly something for everyone. These lessons are free and open to the public.

When we improve our movements, the activities of daily life become so much easier because we function better. Themes for the week’s lessons include:

*Ease of Reaching – expanding your comfort zone (Marsha Novak)
*Short and Sweet “Chair Lessons” (LeeAnn Starovasnik)
*Reinvigorating the 1978 San Francisco Public Evening Classes by Mia Segal and Gaby Yaron 1978 (Frederick Schjang)
*Pelvis, Spine, and Head Connection (Nancy Linsley)
*Expanding Your Field of Perception and Action (Kathleen Aharoni)


Two Colorado practitioners will offer Awareness Through Movement lessons in creative ways. Bethany Cobb will teach “A is for Appletree,” an imaginative movement poem for children, and the ATM® lesson within it: Learning to sit and twist on the floor with ease. Paulette Dolin will offer a lesson inspired by the Sabbath service, “Bowing and Bending.” Participants can explore the movement and meaning which arise from their intentions and interpretations of the traditional prayer ritual.

We invite you to come open your senses, breathe a little easier, reach and expand your comfort and your perception. If you’ve only done Feldenkrais lessons at home or from a recording, this is a special opportunity to be a part of the Feldenkrais community that you won’t want to miss.

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