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Ekalos (Eka) is a performer, choreographer and teacher. She has performed around the world with the Martha Graham Dance Company, Pearl Lang Dance Theatre, Moving People Dance, Catherine Cabeen and Company, and Robert Wood Dance NY among others. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner as well as a GYROTONIC® and GYOKINESIS® Master Trainer. In the present Eka creates open system performances that explore dimensions of time and space underneath thought-based movement control. Ideas from dynamic systems approach to development and Moshe Feldenkrais’ work and writings inspire her movement practice and her performance systems. Eka uses experiential anatomy principles that she learned from years of studying alternative movement systems to teach functional dance technique from the inside out. Eka strives to initiate her students into a dialogue of development with their movement patterns that can inform their technique continually across all dance styles. She teaches her students of all walks of life to increase options for movement, develop their awareness, and enact action patterns more efficiently.Eka strives to activate her audience and her students into a dialogue of development that elucidates the ‘spells’ we are casting that may deserve some revision. Creating systems that invite everyone into greater awareness and autonomy is her passion. For current teaching schedule or other info email [email protected] … She currently works with the General Public, People with Pain, People just wanting to improve some function, People who aren't sure what they want, Dancers, Stroke Survivors, etc. Eka is a Trauma Informed practitioner. Eka lives in Glorieta, NM and works at several location in Santa Fe, NM.

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