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Rolling is a fun way to nourish your brain. Every time your roll, you activate your vestibular system — hello, better balance and a higher state of arousal. But that’s not all. You also give a nurturing and loving touch to your skin. This nourishing touch is no small thing. Your skin is your largest organ and contains roughly 640,000 sensory receptors. And all of this feeds your brain with sensory nourishment that helps to create new neural connections or strengthen existing ones.

In this online Awareness Through Movement® class, you’ll learn how to roll as an integrated whole. First, however, we’ll take time to refine the relationship between your neck movements and eye-tracking to facilitate rolling. According to Hoogenboom and colleagues, “neck extension can facilitate extension and abduction of the hip.” In other words, where the eyes, head, and neck go, the trunk will follow. Why does this matter? Because poor cervical function can impact your entire body and how you move through the world. Rolling can be a fun and stimulating way to improve how you move.

Disclaimer: Those attending this event, workshop or course, who have not received certification or authorization from FGNA are not eligible to claim, in writing or otherwise, that they teach the Feldenkrais Method and must not refer to services they provide using the words “Feldenkrais, “Feldenkrais Method”, “Awareness Through Movement” or “Functional Integration”
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