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COVID-19 Update – This class will continue but only via Zoom since getting together is neither safe nor possible right now.

Please contact me ahead – by Friday noon – to register,  arrange to be admitted via Zoom at [email protected] and make an online  payment. These were small classes in a somewhat more intimate setting, and now, because you will be in your home they still will be; I hope to continue to continue to provide individual attention so I need to arrange your device’s camera for me to get a  glimpse of you! I have reduced the fee since the series price no longer makes sense as I continue the class through the summer.

If possible, be sure you have at hand something comfortable to lie on and anything you might need to make make yourselves comfortable, since not only may you want a rug, mat or spread to lie on, but also you may want towels, small pillows rollers, etc.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.  (You will be freer to move if you wear easy fitting slacks or knits.) While this is an ongoing class, newcomers are welcome.  Get in touch with me for more information.

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