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This mini series will explore how we can interrupt our habitual patterns of stress. We will investigate how we hold tension in our system, observing it and then disturbing it, and looking for sensations of comfort and pleasure.

Humans adjust and habituate to anxiety in many ways, some of which can be unhealthy and have lasting effects if we do not address them. These might include inhibiting movement in the diaphragm, inhibiting digestive functions, limited mobility in the joints, and a limited ability to respond to changes in the environment. Commonly this might show up as tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, tongue, abdomen, or hands.

What you receive by registering for the series:

By registering for the session, you can come to either the Sunday or the Wednesday class, or both! Each Wednesday a new lesson will be taught and the same lesson will be taught again on Sunday. If you love the lesson, you can come twice. Also, each lesson will be recorded, and the edited audio recording will be available for streaming and downloading for anyone that registers for all 3 classes. This way, if you cannot make it one week, you won’t miss out on the material and you can study the lesson on your own time. After the 60 minute lesson, there will be an optional 15 minutes of discussion about the lesson, with time for asking questions, harvesting, sharing how the lesson was for you, and creating community within the group.

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