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Feldenkrais® Workshop with Paul Pui Wo Lee

Saturday, November 14, 1-4:30pm East Coast US/ 7-10:30pm Europe

Can sensuality be that symptomatic glow of one’s aliveness and power? It is not only for one’s outward appearance, but it can also be the enticing pleasure of self-knowing that feeds creativity and resourcefulness to manage the subtle internal shifts to meet life’s situations with more choice and ease. It’s having the know-how to either slither through each moment or to confront it with edge. It’s the assurance from having a deeper connection and recognition of one’s own capacities to do things with more care, craft, calculation, and thrill. It’s like the silent, scrumptious joy of secretly holding an exquisite praline in your mouth, and prolonging the waves of flavor by letting it melt slowly.

The idea of the Feldenkrais Method®  of somatic education is to help refine and complete one’s self-image to enhance the efficacy of one’s actions, to restore the ability to regain balance, and improve one’s flexibility and adaptability. Through this workshop, I invite people to regard themselves as living, breathing works of art, and that this refined self-image actually serves as a reliable map to modulate our actions, composing and recomposing ourselves to experience our own power, shaping how we experience ourselves and what we broadcast through our motions.

Through the discussions and Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, I hope to offer a space where sensuality can find synonymity with less eyebrow-raising – hair-raising – keywords, such as health, vitality, stability, strength, power, adaptability, confidence… I’m looking forward to opening the arena and collectively revolving around what sensuality means. At this point, I propose that a part of sensuality is the sleek mastery one acquires to move fluidly and decidedly. The more seductive aspect of sensuality for me, however, is the cultivated appreciation for how each roll, shift, tilt, and lean happening inside us contributes to the moment-to-moment artistry and intelligence for living. Becoming a connoisseur of our kinesthetic details is what empowers our stance as vibrant individuals.

Sign up here: https://www.movementandcreativity.com/sensuality

Workshop includes:

~Live online Feldenkrais® workshop with Awareness Through Movement lessons & discussions

~Videos recordings & downloadable audio recordings

~Bonus Recording: The Feldenkrais Method as a Compass for Sensuality

~2 weeks of access to Movement & Creativity Library: a multimedia library of 200+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and resources to help you reduce pain/stress and awaken creativity & enjoyment


$100 regular
$75 early-bird by Nov 8
$50 Movement & Creativity Library members or students by Nov 8

Some partial scholarships available

“In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us.” -Moshe Feldenkrais


About Paul Pui Wo Lee:

Paul Pui Wo Lee is from Hong Kong originally, and now lives in Bremen, Germany, where he serves as the rehearsal director and choreographic assistant at Of Curious Nature, a contemporary dance company. Following a neck injury, Paul discovered the Feldenkrais Method and eventually became a certified practitioner in 2015. In 2019, he also became certified as a Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) practitioner and therapist. He has taught Feldenkrais® lessons at Danish Dance Theatre, the Danish Actors’ Association, Dansalliansen, Theater am Gärtnerplatz, Theater Regensburg, Skånes Dansteater, Cullberg, and at educational institutions such as the Danish National School of Performing Arts and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Alongside his own online classes, he has been sharing the method through Tiffany Sankary’s Movement & Creativity Library and The Exhale Cafe, an online platform for musicians.

Sharing the Feldenkrais Method with artists has been a passion for Paul, because it offers them the tools to develop a more sustainable and evolving practice that enhances technical freedom and security, which also enriches their expression with more nuances, pleasure, taste, and vitality. By helping them cultivate a keener embodied understanding of their individual movement capacities, they experience improvements in their performance quality born from sensitivity, intelligence, and health. In Paul’s eyes, an artist is not just someone who goes up on stage – everyone has the capacity to become an “everyday artist” by taking the time to sense themselves more deeply to acquire ease and elegance moving through their day-to-day living.

Paul graduated from the National Ballet School in Toronto before moving to The Netherlands to study contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Paul then went on to dance with IT Dansa in Barcelona and the Göteborgs Operans Balett in Sweden. Later as a freelancer, he has worked with Örjan Andersson (Andersson Dance), Kenneth Kvarnström, Ina Christel Johannessen, Helge Letonja, and Virgilio Sieni. With “Goldberg Variations: Ternary Patterns for Insomnia”, a co-production between Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble, he toured around Sweden, Scotland, Germany, as well as Shanghai, the Barbican in London, and the Kennedy Center.

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