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Developing discipline to dive deeper into your own personal DO-IT-YOURSELF practise.  Nobody can do it for you; … you had the power all along!

AWARENESS through MOVEMENT via the online ZOOM medium go together like ‘bread & butter’.

No chronic FOCUSING your eyes on a tiny screen is required:
only the INTERNAL SCREEN of your SENSORY AWARENESS in a comfortable, warm, quiet, safe space of your choosing.

Your PRIVACY is of the utmost importance.  No VIDEO recordings are made.
RESONANT classes or MISSED classes can be accommodated through audio recordings that can be made available upon special request.

HEARING challenged?  Turn up the VOLUME on external speakers of your device.

Last but not least:  NO TRAFFIC! to contend with; just show up about 10 minutes before class to ‘settle in’ & set up for pertinent instructions for the ‘class of the day’.
Align your VIDEO camera in order to be offered feedback, if you choose, or not, if you wish to remain anonymous; although seeing your movements helps me to guide the lesson along & to facilitate your LEARNING.  It’s entirely up to you though.

I don’t think it gets much better than that!   Change is challenging & changing our minds is probably one of the utmost challenges.
Once we get past the hurdle of the mind, everything gets EASIER… especially our MOVEMENTS!

We can’t think our way into ACTING better, but we can act our way into THINKING better!



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