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Seeing Clearly is an Awareness Through Movement® program developed by Buddhist, Bates Vision and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner David Webber to deal with, and even overcome, severe ocular disease.

Thoughts, posture and breathing affect eyes, and eyes affect the way you experience and move through the world. Feel what it’s like to have relaxed eyes, and a quieter, more receptive nervous system.

These lessons use slow, gentle – and sometimes downright odd – movements to relax, invigorate and coordinate our eyes. The neuromuscular changes that start in the eyes help release tension body-wide.

Focus more easily at the computer, in the field and car. Sessions Include:
• Our Eyes and Ourselves
• Relaxed Eyes
• Breathing to See
• Easy Seeing
• Improving Your Aim
• Seeing Deeply
• Integrating your vision
• Wrapping it Up

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