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Monthly Nature Awareness themes with Feldenkrais lessons for improving balance, stability, flexibility, core strength and resilience by exploring movements and wisdom specific to animals/birds and elements in nature. Annie’s background as Assistant Trainer with Feldenkrais and naturalist studies takes you deeper with movement, anatomy and behavior we can learn from the animals including discussion and short video clips after the primary lesson on the animal or bird featured in the class with time of Q&A and bonus lessons with the material. Learn to move more gracefully like these animals and connect more deeply with the natural world. Examples of previous themes in past series: Deer, Owl, Salmon, Bat, Swan, Robin, Cat, etc…. For current series go to Annie’s website https://www.sensingvitality.com or connect with current and past series can register for class on Annie’s Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/SensingVitality?fan_landing=true

Disclaimer: Those attending this event, workshop or course, who have not received certification or authorization from FGNA are not eligible to claim, in writing or otherwise, that they teach the Feldenkrais Method and must not refer to services they provide using the words “Feldenkrais, “Feldenkrais Method”, “Awareness Through Movement” or “Functional Integration”
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