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Moving and Thinking Clearly
6 Week Series
Begins April 25th

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Clarifying the Shoulder Blades
April 11
1-2pm ET
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“Learning to think in patterns of relationships, in sensations divorced from the fixity of words, allows us to find hidden resources…” – Moshe Feldenkrais

JKA Abilities Through Movement® lessons provide a unique and supportive environment for clarifying the experience yourself in movement which also has a profound effect on thinking and feeling.
Tiffany will bring her 20 years of experience teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons to this exciting new domain of self-experiential learning through movement , developed by Jeremy Krauss. By the time these lessons happen she will be a certified JKA Abilities Trough Movement teacher.

• Clarity in movement & thinking
• Sense of calm, alert uprightness
• Balance of stability & fluidity
• Ease in breathing & moving
• Less tension, pain & anxiety
• Feelings of connection to yourself, the present moment & the world around you
• New possibilities for moving, sensing, feeling & thinking

OPTIONAL Thinking experiments:

Experiment #1:
We will begin this series with an invitation to identify an area of your life where you would like more clarity. We’ll then put that aside and see if after the six week series there is change in this domain.

Experiment #2:
After each movement lesson you’ll have an opportunity to connect with your thinking by bringing pen to paper for 10 minutes and see what emerges. This built-in optional structure each week devoted to attending to your thinking with writing can be a springboard for further writing & other creative experiments between classes.


What People are Saying about Tiffany’s teaching:

“I am very happy that you are offering classes based on Jeremy’s approach. This way of exploring really appeals to me as I have noticed many improvements that seem to last. It was like a fun jigsaw – each class adding another bit, another insight. ” – Ingegerd

“As someone with a psychiatric disability, I have found Tiffany’s classes to be super trauma informed and so organic. I learn so much and feel such a sense of freedom and release in my body… She knows her stuff and makes her lessons so accessible and welcoming.” – Amy Manion

“Transformation is the word that best describes my experience during a Feldenkrais® lesson with Tiffany. (The lessons have) helped me understand that certain beliefs and habits and perspectives are no longer working for me and that change is possible. I don’t have to do things the same way I’ve always done them and I don’t have to be the same person I’ve always been. This has made a huge difference in my approach to my body, my work and my relationships, with myself and with others.” -Jennifer Recklet Tassi, Community Organizer

“I have had trouble with my R shoulder and ribs since having a second surgery and radiation a couple years ago and I wanted to try a different approach to freeing up the pain and increase range of motion. I experienced the release of my shoulder rib pain. It comes back if I don’t keep up with it, but not anywhere near as bad. The other delight is seeing how this course is changing my yoga teaching – initiating movements in different ways, expanding my approach to body sensing.” – Angela Nicolosi Yoga Therapist

“I was struck by how much of a mind / body process it really was. Tiffany has a special way of perpetuating that connection… a way that really urges you to adhere to that dynamic of imagining, feeling and thinking.” -Éilís Crean, Musician

“Your guidance and patience have helped myself and many others achieve more freedom of movement in functioning.”  – Jennifer D. Jackson PT, MSPT

“I recommend Tiffany’s teaching to anyone who wants more freedom to move, more self-compassion, and a healthier mind-body relationship.”  –Zan Barry, health coach/ yoga instructor

“I was completely in AWE of myself and this observation of a kind of effortlessness I’ve never known, but maybe have always longed for.”

“Tiffany provides a gentle rigor – her enthusiasm is matched with clarity.”

“I am so grateful for Tiffany’s skilled teaching.  After only a few classes, I feel stronger, better coordinated, more graceful, more aware of my body’s capabilities.”

“I just find it so easy to occupy the lesson online with Tiffany. The teaching is warm, gentle, clear, supportive, well informed and direct.”

Disclaimer: Those attending this event, workshop or course, who have not received certification or authorization from FGNA are not eligible to claim, in writing or otherwise, that they teach the Feldenkrais Method and must not refer to services they provide using the words “Feldenkrais, “Feldenkrais Method”, “Awareness Through Movement” or “Functional Integration”
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