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Learn Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence Solutions for Optimal Mobility program:
Pelvic Floor, Squatting, Face Themes

  • Targeting self-care strategies for unravelling functional limitations
  • Restoring freedom of movement at any age

Solutions is the last program in Movement Intelligence that Ruthy Alon created and is taught by Senior Movement Intelligence Trainer, Anna Haltrecht. Participants are guided in a wide range of innovative neuromotor processes designed to address movement problems such as lower back compression, upper back rigidity, hip joint alignment, stiff ankles and knees, deformed feet and toes, stiff or frozen shoulders, stiff neck, weak wrists, vulnerable balance, and asymmetry.
Ruthy Alon applies Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ integrative approach to functioning; exploring the reciprocal relationship between the area of suffering and its network of roots throughout the entire body for functioning as nature intended.

This is an online program.

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