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Masterful Moves

Functional Movement with hands-on “tracking” of Joints & Fascia


Josef DellaGrotte, Feldenkrais® trainer & founder of Core Movement Integration


Prevent problems, improve both structure & function with the ‘Five Rings’ Approach

In this practitioner-oriented ‘advanced’ course, Josef DellaGrotte teaches how to read, follow, apply Core Movement Integration’s dynamic core stabilization and bio-physical functional movements (6 Pathways) for both everyday life and exercise.


Topics Include

  • tracking the physics-physiology-anatomy-based movement pathways
  • applying both self and client hands-on myofascial tracking
  • synchronizing movement & breath to maximize relaxation & learning
  • tracking and registering the sensory-emotive components and effects
  • accessing the CNS and entering into a ‘polyvagal’ state of equanimity


“Thank you for these unique movements…I hope that all these movement patterns contribute to the somatic ‘intelligence’ that my right hip needs to carry on… a replacement was even scheduled, and now cancelled.  I was able to even sleep much better…And now I am experiencing moments without any pain! I hope I found the clues.”- Nicoline van der Pas, Physical therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


I think your work is fantastic! and not only am I benefiting personally from the DVD I bought through your website but I have also seen some amazing results with my students…”  –Mark S., England


“You are amazing, Josef! A model of aging excellence!”  Al Wadleigh, Feldenkrais Practitioner


Course Information: A Live Zoom Class with a video of each class.

Fee: registering by NOV 5/$160. After Nov 5, $195. Course includes video with timed table of contents

Dates: Tuesdays, November 8 – December 13, 2022.

Times: 11:30 am–1 pm (EST)  17:30-19:00 (CET)   8:30 am-10:00 am (PST)

For other time zones check https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


After completing this series of 6 classes, you may opt to continue your study of Core Movement Integration (CMI). Four additional series of 6 classes each will provide a total 45 hours of study that leads to a certificate in CMI that permits you to teach CMI classes.


Information & Registration:


Disclaimer: Those attending this event, workshop or course, who have not received certification or authorization from FGNA are not eligible to claim, in writing or otherwise, that they teach the Feldenkrais Method and must not refer to services they provide using the words “Feldenkrais, “Feldenkrais Method”, “Awareness Through Movement” or “Functional Integration”
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