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With 30 years plus of teaching experience from small local studios to large educational seminars all over the world.. this online option is available since it can offer valuable tools and vantage points.
You may not always be able to be with me when I’m teaching in Miami, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Chile etc.. but you can join me here through the Zoom online teaching platform.
These group classes have been ongoing weekly for those wanting a taste of how to improve the quality of your life through movement. For the time being they will be online. These classes can be very powerful because they build upon better integrating your physical, mental and emotional states. Imagine revamping some of the habits that no longer serve you into enhanced strategies that help you become more efficient and get you closer to your true potential. Like a neural re-set. Explore the depth of your possibilities through movement. Whether you are trying to recover from an injury, alleviate pain, improve performance in a skill, improve stress and anxiety levels, and/or want better ways to communicate with yourself and learn more about yourself, then for any and all these reasons, this is the class for you.
The classes can be about any topic related to improving quality of moving and living and will vary from class to class.
And most wonderful news is that through the month of April it will be donation based.


Mondays 5:30pm class- Movement Tasting Menu

Tuesdays 10am class – SentoVita Feldenkrais

Tuesdays 4:30pm class- SentoVita Feldenkrais

Wednesdays 10am class- SentoVita Feldenkrais

Thursdays 10am class – SentoVita Feldenkrais

Fridays 10am class – Movement Tasting Menu


PRIVATE SESSIONS:   scheduled individually

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