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When a friend listens to our troubles without judgment or the compulsion to give us advice, we call that ‘holding space.’ When a person is willing to consider a variety of ideas, we say they are ‘open minded.’ When someone is too busy to participate, they sometimes tell us that they have no extra ‘bandwidth.’ When we run out of options, we say we are in a ‘tight spot’, ‘boxed in’, or ‘stuck between a rock and hard place.’ When we feel confident, we may feel ‘expansive’, but when we are frightened, we may feel ‘small.’

Perhaps it’s no mistake that when we talk of having more or less freedom to think, feel – or simply be – as we wish, our language sounds similar to how we talk about physical space and the freedom of movement of our bodies. Yet most people never directly investigate this fundamental thread that connects the experiences of body, mind, heart and soul.

From the space in your joints, to your ‘headspace’, ‘heartspace’ and your awareness of the surrounding environment, cultivating spatial awareness is a powerful support for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is especially valuable to understand how these different aspects of space are interrelated and how you can take advantage of those connections in service of your wellbeing.

In this session:

* Clarify the internal space of your body to support comfortable upright posture
* Practice holding space in conversation to create authentic connection
* Discover how space can be used as powerful strategy for deeper meditation
* Refresh your perception and imagination by encountering space from a new point of view

Disclaimer: Those attending this event, workshop or course, who have not received certification or authorization from FGNA are not eligible to claim, in writing or otherwise, that they teach the Feldenkrais Method and must not refer to services they provide using the words “Feldenkrais, “Feldenkrais Method”, “Awareness Through Movement” or “Functional Integration”
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