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Standing, sitting, moving all involve action towards and away from a “center.” We choose, mainly without knowing it, a neutral place, a center to move from and through. How do we choose our “center?” How do we know when we are there? And is it really in the center?

One of the ways Moshe Feldenkrais defined healthy, efficient movement was the ability to move without preliminary adjustment. Moving from a neutral, centered place makes this possible.

In this one-day workshop we will explore the embodied experience of center, how we are living that and how it can be refined for more comfortable, effortless action.

Elizabeth Beringer is a Feldenkrais Trainer and Educational Director of the New England Awareness Through Movement Training. Elizabeth trained with Dr. Feldenkrais and has been involved with the Feldenkrais Method for more than 40 years. To learn more about Elizabeth go to www.feldenkraistrainingne.com

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