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Perhaps no function is more fundamental to our sense of self than breathing. It is the movement that underlies every other movement—sitting upright, walking, talking—nothing is untouched by the breath. Like the way that the bass line of your favorite song defines the mood and shape of the tune, your breathing defines the tone and shape of your actions.

During Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) we often refer to our sensations of breathing to measure our efforts while moving through space. Strain or interference in the breath is evidence of undetected unnecessary work elsewhere in ourselves. Alternatively, in some ATM lessons, we look more directly at our breathing, observe it, and create puzzles that challenge our breathing habits. This is the approach we will take in this workshop.

In Breathing, Rhythm and Spatial Orientation you will get a feeling for your preferred rhythms and shapings during breathing, augment your repertoire, and clarify your way of moving through space and time.

Sheri Cohen, Assistant Trainer and Codirector of the New England Awareness Through Movement Teacher Training is an award-winning choreographer who has taught contemporary dance, improvisation and creative process for three decades. To learn more about Sheri go to www.FeldenkraistrainingNE.com

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